Posted by: John Brace | 5 September 2013

3 Organisations will jointly sign “Memorandum of Understanding” with Peel for transport planning on Wirral Waters project

3 Organisations will jointly sign “Memorandum of Understanding” with Peel for transport planning on Wirral Waters project


Councillors on Merseytravel’s General Purposes Committee today agreed to Merseytravel’s Chief Executive David Brown signing a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Peel Land and Property (Ports) Limited about transport planning for the Wirral Waters project.

The Memorandum of Understanding will (subject to future approval) be signed by Wirral Council and the Highways Agency too. The agreement is for twenty-five years and is set to be reviewed annually by the Transport Steering Group. It covers the areas of any necessary public transport improvements, monitoring the effect of Wirral Waters related traffic on the local road network as well as the effect of construction traffic. Wirral Council will be leading the Transport Steering Group as it’s the local Planning Authority for the Wirral Waters scheme.

Chair of Merseytravel Cllr Liam Robinson (Labour) said, “Thanks for that Jeff, can I just say I’m absolutely delighted we’ve had this report brought through, because I think I would echo everyone in this chamber by saying that Wirral Waters is one of the most exciting proposed developments, not just in our part of the world but the whole of the country, dare I say Europe and I know from Merseytravel’s perspective we are all fully committed to provide the very best sustainable transport option for what is going to be hopefully a very, very exciting and prosperous development for the City Region. So the fact that we’ve got this report before this before we’ve signed the memorandum of understanding that gives us an opportunity to look at all of those options that are out there to provide the very transport solution for Wirral Waters which is welcomed from the development of this organisation. So that’s just really just what I wanted to say, so if anyone wants to add to that at all? Les?

Cllr Les Rowlands (Conservative spokesperson) said, “I just want to reiterate those great words. It is a very, very important project, I know it’s over a long period of time but we need to be getting in at the very early stages which is why as you know I’m very interested in what is going on there because I think we need to be starting to think about the memorandum at a very early stage to get the document in place, I very much welcome this report”.

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