Area Forum – 8/6/2011 Bidston & Claughton, 8/6/2011 Library, University Academy Birkenhead (formerly Park High) Part 3

A member of the public asked in reference to the minutes about patient representatives and how people got engaged. They felt there was no opportunity to be engaged in the changing nature of affairs. Unfortunately Dr. Mantgani wasn’t present to answer.

At 6:40pm Cllr McLachlan arrived.

Cllr Foulkes answered that the structure was changing with a Health & Wellbeing Board. There would be democratic access and he was confident the Wirral Council would be looking at the structure. He said it may have lay representatives but he wasn’t 100% sure. The Health Scrutiny Board could make representations to that. There would be scrutiny of health and he promised access to the public.

Paul Smith said there were NHS Trust governor elections in the next few weeks and you could put your name forward. Cllr Roberts asked how it had been publicised. The answer given was in the newspapers and on the website.

Michelle Gray said there were a couple of issues on page 7. Any issues raised had received a response from the relevant department. There was concern regarding the Boundary Road pedestrian refuge island which will be monitored. The dumped rubbish was hopefully cleared up. There had been £55000 assigned for grit bins with an allocation of ten bins per a ward (twenty for this Area Forum). There had been 300 requests for new and additional bins.

The Highways Inspectors had been out and the one “nicked” from Borough Road had been replaced. Another four or five were stolen or missing which Technical Services was “looking into”. There was a register for the highways structural maintenance program which was gathering information for 2012/2013. People could either put suggestions on the register or see her at the end of the meeting.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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