Area Forum Bidston & St. James/Claughton 2/2/2011 Part 2 – Grit, pigeons, Patient Councils (& GP Commissioning)

Michelle Gray said that after complaints at the last Area Forum regarding problems with hearing that they were working on purchasing a portable PA system & loop system which would come with her in her car. The June meeting at St Bedes had had one microphone for the panel and one for the audience. They were looking to purchase something similar.

A member of the public asked about the minutes of the last meeting and asked for further information on the powers of the Patient Council. Michelle Gray said that Dr. Mantgani wasn’t here to answer. The member of the public asked what would be the patient representation regarding the new GP consortia.

Donnie asked for clarification regarding where on the agenda was an item on grit bins. Michelle Gray explained that the agenda had been published before the money had been set aside and that there were location cards included for people to fill in. Colette raised the issue of pigeons in Grange Road West. Cllr. Davies said nothing had happened yet but he had spoken to people and it was usually sorted in the Spring.

Colette said there were lots of pigeons in her garden. There was also a problem with cats and foxes. Cllr Davies said he had been asked by a few people in Grosvenor Road and Colette’s area as they had never see as many pigeons. Colette said she couldn’t put her washing out. Cllr Foulkes, a former Chair of the Environmental Health Committee said the pigeon population was related to food. People needed to be told not to feed them too much. If they became a nuisance, drastic measures such as poisoning could be considered. He told everyone that pigeons can breed up to eight times a year.

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Author: John Brace

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