At least £3,787.20 spent by Wirral Council on losing health and safety case

At least £3,787.20 spent by Wirral Council on losing health and safety case

As was reported in the Wirral Globe earlier this year Wirral Council lost a case to the Health and Safety Executive leading to a fine of £25,000 and Wirral Council having to pay the other side’s legal costs of £9,417. The case was to do with twenty-nine workers in its parks and gardens department being affected by Hand Arm vibration syndrome and Wirral Council pled guilty to the case which was heard in Wirral Magistrates’ Court.

This Weightman’s invoice shows that Wirral Council’s costs for a month of Weightman’s work on the case was £3,787.20. It’s an interim invoice though and Wirral Council’s legal costs would’ve been higher were they represented in court.

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