Cabinet – 17th March 2011 – Part 3

The Cabinet went onto consider the draft Corporate Plan for 2011 to 2014. The four key themes were “Your Family”, “Your Neighbourhood”, “Your Economy” and “Your Council”. It would be implemented from the 1st April 2011. Cllr Green thanked Emma Degg and her team. He said it built on work done before and he believed in the power of plans. He said the plan itself followed the budget and the consultation. He said it linked action to resources, however they were left with a difficult challenge financially. They faced the option of a managed decline or rejuvenating local government and the work of the Council. Rejuvenating local government would make it more open, honest, accountable and transparent. Help from the voluntary sector would help Wirral Council. 1,100 had left Wirral Council and he wished them well. He felt they treated people fairly. There were 5,000 left, they would work with people on their training and skills to relate to the people they serve.

Cllr Holbrook thanked people for their hard work. He said it had been a twelve month process that had grown as a result of Wirral’s consultation. He said it was ambitious, forward-looking, optimistic and aspirational. He referred to the commitment to address inequalities. He said the new elements were working with people and for people. He said it was the way he wants the Council to continue. He said it reflected people’s priorities and there was no reduction in frontline services.

Cllr Green said it stated Wirral Council’s purpose. He said he wanted a bigger and stronger society. He was pleased there were solid actions regarding inequality, keeping neighbourhoods clean and safe and dealing with gross inequalities. He said it was shameful that there was a different in life expectancy between Seacombe and Heswall after 13 years of growth. The Corporate Plan was then agreed.

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Author: John Brace

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