Cabinet – 17th March 2011 Part 4

The Cabinet’s recommendations to Council for Mayor and Deputy Mayor were Cllr McLaughlin (Mayor) and Cllr Ellis (Deputy Mayor). Cllr Blakeley did say that not everyone agreed with the nomination of Cllr McLaughlin, however the nominations were agreed.

There was one minor change proposed to the Committee Calendar for the 2011/2012 Municipal Year, moving the Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on the 27th June to the 20th June. Cllr Green agreed that any minor changes could be delegated to Bill Norman. This was agreed.

The Cabinet then considered the transport capital funding for 2011/2012. Cllr Rennie described it as a disappointing settlement. However she said the money was extremely welcome. She said no area of Wirral was ignored and there was something for everybody. She referred to meetings of the cycling and pedestrian forums and said they were both willing to work closely with the Council. The report was agreed.

The Cabinet then considered the report on the Highway Winter Maintenance costs. The extra costs for gritting had been £358,000. Cllr Rennie welcomed the extra finance that kept Wirral’s road users safe. She said that you only have to travel around Merseyside to see what a high level of pothole filling in that Wirral had. She did say there was plenty more to do including the complete resurfacing of roads to make them safe for everybody. Cllr Green referred to the extra sum of money nationally (£100 million) for road surfacing and potholes. Wirral had applied and received its share of £297,000. He said he was pleased with the complete piece of work and the major changes away from just filling in potholes. The report was agreed.

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Author: John Brace

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