Cabinet – 17th March 2011 Part 5

The Cabinet then considered the Wirral Flood and Water Management report. This would redesignate the functions of the Flood Working Group, which was referred to in the two appendices. Cllr Rennie said that it was good news as it would enhance the status of the Flood Working Group. However she was concerned that the partner agencies either sent no representative or a different representative each time. She was pleased with the work and that it had all party and member support. The report was agreed.

The Cabinet then considered the Invitation to Tender for the Parks and Countryside Procurement Exercise. Dave Green said Cabinet had agreed what was in and out of scope and that they had built good experience already with the Colas and Biffa contracts. Following the invitation to tender, thirteen pre-qualification questionnaires had been received by the deadline. The contract would be decided on 70% price and 30% quality. At the second call-in the Overview and Scrutiny Committee wanted to ensure successful contracts had admitted body status to the Merseyside Pension Fund. Any procurement exercise would also receive an individual quote for three bids. The first would be for a broadly comparable scheme, the second would be admitted body status with the risks borne by the contractor. The third would be admitted body status with the risks borne by Wirral Council. The Consumer Price Index would be used for inflation with a 1.5% efficiency saving built in. They had done much consulting and he said the trade unions were relaxed over the pension issue. He said it was a good time to procure and referred to the scale and complexity of the process.

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Author: John Brace

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