Cabinet – 17th March 2011 – Part 6 PACSPE continued

Cllr Elderton said it was the culmination of hard work since 2006. He said it was logical, comprehensive and professional and that it was now a commercial and financial reality. Dave Green and his team were thanked, however there was still a long way to go.

Cllr Holbrook asked about the indexing for inflation. Dave Green replied that it was CPI-1.5%. Mr. Green felt this was sensible, he was minded to do a bit more but didn’t want to scare off bidders. However the contractor would have to help improve services and to try to identify how to make them more efficient.

Cllr Green said the project had spanned administrations. He said there were benefits to Wirral Council. Dave Green referred to the previous process regarding Biffa and the Council. He said there was now good governance and levels of accountability as well as good project management techniques. The work was validated by external experts. The gate process had introduced discipline as there was a decision made as to whether to proceed or not at each gate. They were not just talking to the office, but had spoken to the Procurement Team, Group Solicitor, funeral directors, Friends of Parks groups, sports users, consultants, Deputy Director of Finance, councillors and all parties. They had taken on board their views and observations. The key was that it was externally verified and validated. This had been clarified with Cabinet and the Members Steering Group in a complicated but speedy procurement. He commended Mark Smith for his work.

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