Posted by: John Brace | 22 March 2011

Cabinet – 17th March 2011 – Part 7 PACSPE continued

Cllr Green said he had confidence in the gateway process and the external validation. He asked was sort of people came in and did the external validation? Dave Green answered it was 4Ps reviewers who were experts in procurement management. He said the professional assessor had twenty years experience in the local authority area and was an expert in highways management. The assessor was vastly experienced and had undertaken thirty gateway reviews. He had only previously given two greens. Dave Green said the level of experience and systematic approach had been fantastic as the assessor had read every Cabinet report.

Cllr Green paid testament to the work Dave and his team had done which had stood up well to external scrutiny. He thanked them and the report was agreed. The Cabinet went onto consider the report on Choice Based Lettings. Cllr Green said it was his view that foster carers should be identified as a priority for housing. Cllr Clarke said that she would like to add a further recommendation. Cllr Blakeley agreed. Cllr Clarke said she welcomed the agreement that foster carers would have a high priority and move to band B if there was an urgent need to move. Cllr Blakeley seconded the recommendation. Cllr Green said there were human benefits of foster carers. He said some had rubbished the “Wirral’s Future Be a Part of It” consultation. However Wirral had increased its numbers of foster carers and he said this as a very, very important piece of work. He referred to Emma Degg’s campaign on foster carers. The report was agreed.