Cabinet – 17th March 2011 Part 8 – Alcohol Scrutiny Review

Cabinet then went onto consider the Alcohol Scrutiny Report referred to it by the Scrutiny Programme Board.

Cllr Clarke said she was an advocate and supporter of scrutiny. She wished to add the Cabinet’s response to taking it forward. She welcomed the report and noted the hard work. Cllr Clarke paid tribute to the scrutiny support officer. She felt the report raised serious issues and should be referred to the Licensing, Health & Safety & General Purposes Committee. She referred to a to f on the handout. Cllr Moon said it was a timely and good report. He said that alcohol covered different agencies such as the police and hospitals. He said the next Joint Strategic Needs Assessment had to consider the work done regarding alcohol and young people, reflect it in its priorities in order to go forward. Cllr Holbrook referred to the LSP executive and said the primary focus of the LSP should be partnership working. He said it was something that could be done by working together to get a grip on the issue. Cabinet then passed the recommendations below:-

a. Welcomes this report and notes the hard work put in by the Alcohol Scrutiny Panel and the Scrutiny Programme Board in carrying out this review.

b. Expresses its concern about the serious issues for the health, safety and wellbeing of young people that the report raises and accepts all the panel’s recommendations.

c. Notes that recommendation A is picked up on the Corporate Pan (presented elsewhere on this Agenda) and that recommendation H has already been acted on in the Budget.

d. Refers the report of the Alcohol Scrutiny Panel to the Licensing, Health and Safety and General Purposes Committee and asks that it gives specific attention to recommendations E, F, G and J.

e. Refers the report to the LSP Executive and asks that it give specific attention to recommendations B, C, D, I and K.

f. Requests that the Director of Public Health be the lead officer for co-ordinating the response of the Council and other Agencies to this report.

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Author: John Brace

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