Cabinet agrees smoking ban "anywhere on any Council site" and Freedom of Entry recommendation for HMS Astute and TS Astute

Cabinet agrees smoking ban “anywhere on any Council site” and Freedom of Entry recommendation for HMS Astute and TS Astute

Cabinet agrees smoking ban “anywhere on any Council site” and Freedom of Entry recommendation for HMS Astute and TS Astute


Councillor Adrian Jones explains why Freedom of Entry status should be conferred upon TS Astute and HMS Astute (4th June 2015)
Councillor Adrian Jones explains why Freedom of Entry status should be conferred upon TS Astute and HMS Astute (4th June 2015)

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Wirral Council’s Cabinet met for the first time after the elections and unusually there were many members of the public. The item the public were there to hear was whether Wirral Council would be support the transfer of properties from Beechwood and Ballantyne Community Housing Association to Liverpool Housing Trust.

A petition of 250 residents of the Beechwood and Ballantyne estate opposed to the transfer of houses to Liverpool Housing Trust was given to the Councillor George Davies (Cabinet Member for Housing) half an hour before the meeting started. He said, “I should refer this back to Beechwood and Ballantyne Housing Association to reflect upon and that we defer any decision on this item this evening and bring it back to a future Cabinet, hopefully by the 29th of June.”

Cllr Ann McLachlan (ward councillor for the residents who signed the petition) added, “As late as yesterday and until mid-afternoon today I do know that negotiations and consultation were being undertaken with the community to allay and address fears that they had and my understanding was they had been largely addressed and that there was satisfaction regarding outstanding matters, so it has come as a shock to us to hear there is now this petition.

However Chair, if this further short period of consultation does seek to address those concerns, whatever they may be then I think it will be time well spent. Clearly I will want to address the report when it does come back to Cabinet in three weeks time.”

Cllr Phil Davies explained that a decision would be deferred to “give us more opportunity to try and get to the bottom of the issues that the signatories are concerned about and obviously with a view to try to come to some agreement in time hopefully for the next Cabinet meeting”.

Cabinet agreed to defer a decision to the 29th June (its next meeting).

Agreement was given by Cabinet to demolish the buildings of the former Foxfield School site in Douglas Drive, Moreton. Foxfield School has moved from Douglas Drive to a new site in Woodchurch that opened in March. Wirral Council hope to sell off the former site for Foxfield in Moreton and are applying for government permission to do so.

Cabinet agreed a recommendation to confer Freedom of Entry status on the Wallasey Sea Cadets (TS Astute) and HMS Astute (a nuclear powered submarine). A decision on Cabinet’s recommendation will be made at a future special meeting of Council.

Making it clear that this was “not a proposal to sell of the municipal golf courses” Wirral Council’s Cabinet agreed to look for a “delivery partner” for its golf courses (except Hoylake). Wirral Council subsidises its golf courses by £330,000 a year and Cabinet hopes that in future the subsidy won’t be needed. A report will come back to a future Cabinet before any further decision is made.

A policy on smoking that bans smoking (including e-cigarettes) “anywhere on any Council site by all staff, contractors, visitors and the public” was agreed. The new policy extends the ban on smoking to outside as well as inside Council buildings.

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Author: John Brace

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19 thoughts on “Cabinet agrees smoking ban "anywhere on any Council site" and Freedom of Entry recommendation for HMS Astute and TS Astute”

  1. Good Afternoon Mr Brace, In relation to the Housing Associations, may I respectfully suggest that Cabinet also take into account when deciding to Transfer Assets that they consider the PM’s Statement of Intent for persons to purchase “Partnership Housing” otherwise/previously known as ” Council Housing” What effects this would have on the PM’s Aspirations!!!!
    In relation to the Municipal Golf Courses, why cannot the eagerly awaited Partner for Hoylake Golf Course assist? or is it the Intention of the Council to Sell off the other Public Assets? On Land owned, leased too, etc. the Council can indeed tell it’s employee’s (Where and Where not to Smoke) However does it not need a Bye Law to state something in Terms of There Will be NO SMOKING by members of the Public, In, On or in the Vicinity of
    Council Property and obviously define a Limit for that (distance from the property etc) or is this a New Way of Controlling the Public

    1. The limit would be the limit of the land the Council owns. As far as I know they can decide on the policies that people have to follow on their own lands & buildings.

      Smoking inside is already covered by legislation that’s been around since 2007, however if you read the Council’s policy they are extending this no smoking policy beyond their own land/buildings. Two examples would be employees using their own cars (even if driving alone) and social workers visiting residents at their home address.

      As to your two questions, I would guess that the Hoylake golf course is connected to the Hoylake golf resort plans which is a separate issue. At the moment they don’t plan to sell off the golf courses no.

      1. Mr Brace, unfortunately for employee’s, they’re under CONTRACT Conditions, on matters effecting their Employment, this entails them Complying with Policies and Procedures whilst employed in their Lawful Duties, as they’re being paid and receiving Expenses? however limited.
        My point in respect of Distance from Buildings etc, is that you will always get a Jobs Worth telling you, you cannot Smoke here, Council Rules and Regulations, my point is not what you can do is, where the Council’s Reach extends too? and how far the Leader and his Merry Band intend to extend the Limits?
        I am aware of the Golf Resort Plans and other Plans in the Pipeline, however with the remarks I have made yet again, how far is the Council prepared to go to achieve their Aims? and it would be the Right thing to do, to give Something back to the Public for a Change!!!!!

        1. I’m not an employee and Wirral Council think they can force me to go along with their Policy on Filming and Reporting of Council Meetings, even though the law says they can’t stop filming at a public meeting their policy says they can!

          I am neither paid by nor receiving expenses from Wirral Council.

          As to smoking, it’s to do with the health effects of second hand smoke, as an asthmatic (who is more sensitive to smoke than people who aren’t) I don’t want to be made to feel ill entering Wallasey Town Hall as a group of smokers are hanging round the entrance. As to distance from buildings it’s simple. You’re now not allowed to smoke on the land owned by the Council, so those who wish to smoke will just have to go further away!

          How far the Leader and his merry band intend to extend the limits is a question best addressed to them.

          No idea about how the golf thing will pan out, but to put it in a nutshell, the Labour Council doesn’t think it should be subsidising people to play golf to the extent that it does.

          I think the saving for golf courses was earmarked in the budget when there was the joint project with Chester West and Chester Council (which the Council pulled out of). Therefore they are still left with having to make the saving (or make a compensatory saving elsewhere).

          1. Mr Brace, I note this time you did not give a Warning of or declaration of ” Interest” before your answer this time. I can well understand those of us who have Disabilities and Other Objections to Smoking, not being allowed to smoke outside Council Buildings is not a ” Prevention of any Civil Liberty ” In fact I would say it helps people like ourselves.

            As for Filming at Meetings, you are also perfectly entitled to do so according to the Law, you know what course of Action to take should you be Stopped From Filming (You wish to pick your fights) Remember?. As for your “Defensive Stance” on Employment and Remuneration, I would not care if you were CEO, you have been CORRECT in REPORTING so far.

            As for the Golf Stance, as you appear to dislike SMOKING (Second Hand or NOT). Some People like playing GOLF, should they not be given the same RIGHTS as YOU. A Right to Health and Happiness? It I believe has been proven that a Round of Golf can do wonders for the player and his family.

            I will state for the Record there is ample money in the Council Budget (A matter of Record) to allow the Council to allow all things to take place (Their Records – not yours or mine). I am surprised that the Leader is even talking of Austerity or Cuts to Services, I must be under a Misapprehension !!!!!!!

            1. Well, maybe I should have declared in what I wrote originally on this blog post that I’m asthmatic and welcome the smoke free policy, however I’m also aware of the hostility in this country towards people with disabilities!

              As to the filming issue, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, the problem with Wirral Council’s policies and similar policies is it gives politicians the illusion they can control filming (which they can’t since the law changed).

              It wasn’t really meant as a slight at employees, if I remember the wording of the smokefree policy employees can be subject to disciplinary processes if they break it. I seem to remember the policy (or report) mentioned that the trade unions were supportive of the smokefree policy.

              I have no problem with people playing golf. However if a political decision is made that the golf courses have to break even without subsidy, unless a private operator can somehow do it £330,000 a year cheaper than Wirral Council, then I think what is most likely to happen is that the charges to people playing golf will go up and there will be greater enforcement of those not paying.

              As to your point about whether I’d be a good CEO, the skillset for what I do and that of a CEO are very, very different.

              1. Mr Brace, I did or did not state anything in relation to you being a Good CEO and I am aware of the differing skillset between what you do and what Mr Robinson does on this occasion. I merely stated that so far you appear to be reporting correctly and that I would not mind if you were CEO.

                Further what I said in relation to Budgets was that I cannot understand from the Figures Quoted, theirs not yours!!! that or why the Leader is talking of Austerity, everything appears to have “A bright golden haze on the Meadow ” R & H, rather than B & H

  2. Well I’ll be damned if they ever ‘control’ me. I’ll smoke where I wish to smoke and the consequences of my defiance are of no concern to me. I couldn’t care less. Do your worst I say because I will never stop smoking.
    There is absolutely no evidence that smoking my hand rolled cigarette is harmful. Indeed, all my Grandparents and Great Grandparents smoked and when they all passed on not one of them had lungs that were anything but perfectly pink and still highly functionable and that’s why I say smoking is good for you. Mind, without exception, all eight of them died of Cancer of the right big toe which was no doubt brought about by stubbing the ‘dog end’ with their foot.
    That said, I’ll never stop and they can legislate all they like and it’ll have no impact upon me. They can get a High Court judge to rule that I am a menace to public health and still I’ll light up and smoke my cigarette.
    They can refer directly to a drawer full of documentary evidence that clearly shows I’m taking absolutely no notice of their directives and still I’ll roll my cigarette, spark up and suck upon it muttering, ‘lovely’. It won’t stop me!
    What’smore, bereft of ideas on how to deal with my obstinance and how to stop me smoking in the Town Hall, they can dispatch me to prison, gag me, shackle me and beat my thighs with an old agricultural yoke and still, despite all that, you’ll find me with a cigarette shoved in my mouth and its tobacco contents being consumed by my lungs. They can throw me in my Cell, hang and suspend me upside down displaying a sign draped around my neck that reads, ‘No Smoking in Your Cell’, and still I’ll continue to flout their directives and smoke my cigarette.
    Why? Because I can. I couldn’t care less if Eric Robinson trots into work, scurries into his palatial Office whistling a delightful tune and discovers me hiding beneath his desk smoking as I desperately attempt to eavesdrop in on his private conversations I had no business listening in on. I don’t bloody care!
    I’ll never stop and I’ll be damned if some mamby pamby piece of local legislation stops me smoking my cigarette inside the Town Hall.

  3. G’day John, Bobby47 and Reprahnehpets

    I am back after a week in a very dark place.

    I gave them at the dump in Wallasey some space to do the right thing after Annony Mouse wrote

    Have some self-respect mate, did you ever see Martin stoop to name calling? No, he relied on the strength of his evidence AND the support of the public.

    (No Annony but I did see him in court recently making a goose out of “The Shyster”)

    You’re never going to get the support of the public with your cliquey, ‘in-joke’ comments because a) they won’t understand your references and b) you come over as smug and facetious.

    (Rather that than being a lying cheatin Clowncil Senior Officer)

    I thought maybe Annony might have been a wise man from the clowncil and that he knew they were going to do the right thing.

    They did the opposite.

    So Annony four years on the dole next month after just trying to do the right thing so NO I DON’T HAVE ANY SELF RESPECT LEFT.

    What has happened in the last week is that “Spotty Dog” on about £200,000.00 a year has joined the dark side by sending Highbrow’s FOI in the spirit of THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE.

    Original BIG Report

    Sent on behalf of “Spotty Dog”

    Chief ****** Wirral Council

    Wallasey Town Hall

    Brighton Street



    If he hasn’t already young “Spotty Dog’s” next task will be to sign those cheques Gra Gra wouldn’t, or someone will be signing them ON BEHALF OF.

    Obvious why he got the job!

    Most improved Clowncil in the country my arse.


    Brad Davies’ Plonker Puller


    James Griffiths

    Ps I am glad I came back on this page John with two of the main reasons that this clowncil is as rotten as it is (pictured above).

    1. Glad you’re alright. There was another Audit and Risk Management Committee meeting tonight (no follow up BIG/ISUS report on the agenda).

      I’ve had plenty of FOI requests to Wirral Council refused on s.36 grounds. On the ones I have requested an internal review the Chief Executive has agreed with the Monitoring Officer.

      However one time last year I requested an internal review of a s.36 exemption (a request that was already subject to an ICO decision notice) and they deemed requesting an internal review as vexatious (that one is currently with ICO).

      1. Mr Brace, you got more than I have got, I got told I was a Naughty Name and they would do me if I did not shut up, NICE PEOPLE AIN’T THEY!!!!!!

      2. Mr Brace, that would be the old CEO, rather than the New One? I think you will also find that telling me to shut up was also a waste of time and calling me a W wasn’t it my Pretend Friend? and sending me a Painting in what would appear to be Tippex of Male Genitals very Stupid, something to do with Sending Articles through the Post!!!!!!

        1. I’ve reread what your comment is in response to.

          Internal reviews of FOI requests I have made refused by Surjit Tour on s.36 grounds have been refused by both Wirral Council’s former Chief Executive Graham Burgess and its current Chief Executive Eric Robinson.

          As to the rest I think the other part of your comment was directed to James, so I’ll leave it to him as to whether he wishes to reply to it.

    2. G’day John

      It doesn’t really matter that much what the ICO think or say.

      We know there are people at Wirral who are cheating, lying scumbags.

      “Highbrow” has so much irrefutable evidence for anyone who wants too to see.

      They have seen and ignored.

      I don’t think the courts would ignore.

      Them at Wirral also know who the cheating, lying scumbags are and they have to live with that for the rest of their sad miserable existences.

      They know and we know who and they might say they don’t care but……..



  4. I like you Bobby, got some Spirit like Mr G, but Government Legislation does prevent us Lighting up where we want to and quite rightly so. The point that I am trying to make is that if the leader wants to play God, he and his Band should seek permission first, we are not, as a Nation a Totalitarian Regime yet!!!!!

    1. As for hiding under the table listening to Conversations, if you follow the drift of Mr Braces Blogs and watch/Observe long enough the Prats come to you, as the Butcher (Clive Dunn – God Rest his Soul) say’s in Dads Army ” They do not like it up them “

  5. When the Council fixes all the pot holes in Wirral i might think about giving up smoking, till then shove your nazi laws all your arse!

    1. Keef666, When I was a Child, I spoke as a Child, I thought as a Child, I understood as a Child, when I became a Grown Up Kid, I put away such Foolish Notions (Not a Direct Quote from Corinthians). I believe the Pot Holes should have been taken Care of by now.

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