Chilcot Report to be published today; is the future never-ending austerity?

Chilcot Report to be published today; is the future never-ending austerity?

King John and the snake from Disney's Robin Hood counting gold coins

Chilcot Report to be published today; is the future never-ending austerity?


King John and the snake from Disney's Robin Hood counting gold coins
King John and the snake from Disney’s Robin Hood counting gold coins

Today, the Chilcot Report will finally be published. You may well ask what has this to do with local politics?

Well the tax revenue that goes on war can’t be spent here in the UK on schools or hospitals or a thousand and other matters that the people would like more of.

Yes, when Blair followed Bush into Iraq nobody knew at that point that the banking crisis would happen a few years later. However a sticking plaster solution was found to the banking crisis that merely delayed the economic consequences to the future.

Following the EU Referendum, there’s been another financial change. The pension funds (who are invested in shares and other forms of financial investments) will have to soon start increasing the contributions they take from the workers. This will mean their take home pay is less. This in turn will impact the economy as people will have less money to spend.

Some companies and businesses who need to be in the EU will relocate UK jobs overseas.

So what will be the effect on local services? George Osborne has already abandoned his 2020 budget surplus target.

Local services (such as local councils, police, fire, transport) however will still be cutting budgets and engaging in austerity.

Not just however to pay for an unpopular war in Iraq and a bank bailout but the economic fallout from the EU Referendum result too.

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Author: John Brace

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25 thoughts on “Chilcot Report to be published today; is the future never-ending austerity?”

  1. G’day John

    Don’t get me started on reports that cost a fortune and then hide the truth or are just ignored.

    Todays local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Huge firework spectacular to be held along River Mersey this Bonfire Night

    They are now just wasting and burning the money in public.

    How many nursing homes or special schools will missus bilong “The Pretend Friend” “Nurse Rat” close down to pay for this sacrificial burning of wirrals hard earned whilst they stand on the steps of the Clownhall sipping champagne and pretending to be chardonay socialists.



    We can only hope John that guy turns up.

    1. I must say I haven’t seen any councillors on the steps of the Town Hall sipping champagne.

      I have seen some arrive in a Council paid for taxi though!

  2. Ha ha, well done Oxygen Thief. Now, go and have your sip of frosty jack and then you can begin this afternoons drunken meanderings about **** that only you and your little friend give a **** about anymore.

    1. I’ll have to give up the frosty jack John i’m seeing double anonymous bloggers.

  3. George Osbourne should have also resigned after the blackmail threats of income tax he tried to pull on the EU referendum, we still have two years yet till will pull out of Europe, till then its business as usual and after that nothing will change!

    But lets not have a war till October as we don’t have a leader!

    1. Well I would guess George Osborne probably wanted to do an emergency budget, but then realised his own Conservative Party MPs wouldn’t vote for it and he decided to avoid a humiliating defeat.

      However as we’re not leaving the EU for at least two years, exactly how does an intention to leave at some yet to be decided point in the future affect this year’s budget anyway?

  4. I will right away seize your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please permit me recognize so that I may subscribe.


  5. G’day John

    I must also include your ANONYMOUS customers

    What a fabulous day for “Highbrow”, my little friend as Duggan Hutchinson Dixon calls him, to receive a letter from the postman that is long overdue.

    It wasn’t actually full of lies but at least one half truth.



    Ps As Joe Blow asks

    What’s worse? A Chardonnay Socialist, or an Oxygen Thief?

    and the answer is

    The co-conspirators at wirral over Wirral “Funny” Bizz

    now that it is all coming home to roost.

    5 years on

    1. I would have received a letter from the postman today, but I was out so the postman left a card stating come and pick it up.

  6. G’day John

    Can I just ask via your blog for Joe Blow and Duggan Hitchinson Dixon to comment on the DCLG Report that has been issued on wirral and Wirral “Funny” Bizz?

    I am sure they have nothing better to do at their desks on a dull Friday now England and Wales have failed miserably AGAIN.



      1. Sorry John

        I bet Joe Blow and Duggan Hitchinson Dixon do though John.

        Why else would they give a toss about me talking about the scum, dross and crud at wirral?



        1. Because you do it every ******* day mate. As you point out, it’s been five years…..meaning that it’s been 5 years of you spouting your unintelligible garbage, day in, day out. You hijack every single article, whether it’s got anything to do with BIG or not which, let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of Wirral council transgressions, was never a particularly big deal even at the time.

          By the way John, I noticed you used the word ‘troll’ presumably in reference to earlier remarks that were critical of Griffiths……Interesting choice of word, given that by any objective assessment, it’s Griffiths’ behaviour on this and other sites, that has all the hallmarks of trolling.

          1. Howz about threatening tenderers for multi million pound contracts?

            Is that an appropriate expenditure of council officers time?

            Is it a minor transgression to remark wirralbiz from 36 points to 76 points on no grounds whatsoever?

            Not I asserting this but humble government auditors.

            I do not plague websites with remarks on this old case but only when a new report is released that again shows the tactics of deferring bad news adopted by the Council do I comment.

            The case is as fresh as the reports that are published on it.

            1. Plague Websites Nigel? Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          2. Hi,

            There’s nothing wrong with people being passionate about a particular political cause, to give two examples on which they were strongly held views whether Girtrell Court or Lyndale School should be closed by Wirral Council.

            There’s nothing wrong with having a public debate in the media about when the public sector makes mistakes, discussing what lessons can be learnt and how matters can be improved in the future to avoid a repeat.

            You are right that a number of comments left by James have been off topic when read in light of the article that they’re posted to.

            However, from my perspective looking from the outside it seems to be borne from frustration on his part by how long the matter has taken to resolve, poor communication with those that blew the whistle on what happened and his personal criticism of how the matter has been dealt with so far. These are all legitimate matters to express a viewpoint on.

            Your criticism of James seems to be the number of comments he makes about the same issue. However as have been raised by for example Martin Morton, there are cultural issues at Wirral Council in how they deal with people blowing the whistle that take years to change.

            His comments seem to be related to how such concerns are dealt with by Wirral Council.

  7. G’day John

    No I haven’t read the DCLG report yet but it looks like Duggan Hutchinson Dixon has because you know as well as me that “Highbrow” and I will be vindicated and there has been criminal activity.

    Of course like the chilcott report it will be clever with its words.

    Duggie me old mate as you know Wirral “Funny” Bizz got away with £2,000,000.00 the clowncil was all over Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping and did eff all.

    Sorry mate I will keep reminding all the duplicitous scum bags for the next five years and on until someone at wirral, with a small w, does THE RIGHT THING.



    Complain to Ecca or “Phil the Very Very Delude Dill” if you have a problem, no point talking to “The Shyster”, “Ankles” or “The Pretend Friend”.

    Haven’t you got some council business to deal with Duggsie?

    1. The report recommends a claw back of money as it states that of Europe audits it there will definitively be a clawback.

      Perverting the tender process is dwelt on at length, and, from our perspective we must ask why would a civil servant do this?

      A reasonable answer might be undeclared personal interests.

      The result of this undue preference led to a shoddy performed contract the sufferers being the clients and the public purSe.

      I should add that objectively nwda marked wirralbiz 43rd out of 52. A tenderer for the wirral contract was 1 of 52. Of the 62 suppliers for all areas 12 applied for the wirral gig including the top marked supplier already with a presence in Wirral , rated 88 points by NWDA, and wirralbiz, rated 36 points.

      How come then did wirralbiz win contract? So ask the government auditors who had two blind tests with experts giving them the same criteria and same forms. Result wirralbiz never won the tender.

      Of course we alsio possess cogent evidence that Wirral paid the tender costs of wirralbiz, some £13,000, which of course is a flagrant breach of all competitive tendering principles.

      If the above does not matter then does anything matter?

      1. Why then in response to FOI requests has it been stated that this report doesn’t recommend claw back?

        Or is this an earlier draft that does recommend claw back?

        1. G’day John

          I think the FOI stated a specific figure John and it wasn’t that figure. (don’t quote me but I think that’s right)

          You know how these smart arses word things clever

          unlike me.

          Have a great weekend.



          Of course John they would want money back after it was used and abused.

          Even if it was five years ago.

          Tell “The Football Shirt” next time you see him John it won’t be our money when they take it back.

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