Council – 18th July – Part 1 – Interests, petitions, minutes

The Mayor asked for Declarations of Interest. There were so many, so quickly this is only a partial list.

Cllr Blakeley – prejudicial interest (item 12) because of his appointment to Merseytravel
Cllr Clarke – personal interest (item 2) because of her daughter’s employment
Cllr Lewis – personal interest item 13 because of his employment
??? ?????
??? ?????? – prejudicial interest (item 12) because of their appointment to Merseytravel
Cllr Taylor – prejudicial interest in notices of motion 8 and 12
??? ?????? – personal interest (item 2) because of daughter’s employment
Cllr Williams (Steve) – personal interest (item 2) because of his wife
Cllr Brighouse – an interest in item 2 because of his wife
Cllr Johnson – prejudicial interest in item 2
Cllr Harney – item 2 because he’s a Chair of Governors
Cllr Meaden – item 2 because of her daughter
Cllr Salter – item 12 (Merseytravel)
Cllr Abbey – item 12 (Merseytravel)
Cllr Davies – item 2 because of his wife, daughter and daughter in law

The Mayor then asked for petitions.

Cllr Blakeley presented a petition of over three hundred Moreton residents asking Wirral Council to support planning application 00727 of Wirral Partnership Homes regarding the shops.
Cllr Sheila Clarke presented a petition from residents who wanted a road surfaced.
Cllr Lewis presented a petition of 36 further names to the existing 366, who wanted the designation of a green space in Leasowe amended.
Cllr Chris Jones presented a petition of 679 names in addition to the 874 last time regarding security in Central Park.
Cllr Steve Niblock presented a petition of 31 people who wanted alleygates in New Ferry and another petition of 71 names.

An inaccuracy in the minutes of the 16th May was pointed out by Bill Norman. He said the list of people present was incorrect. He asked they be accepted but amended to take this into account.

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Author: John Brace

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