Council – 18th July – Before it all started.

The pair of Braces walked into the Council Chamber and took their seats. All around was hustle and bustle & councillors were coming and going trying to figure out their new places. Cllr Phil Davies was trying to give some gentle advice to his boss as he saw one half of the Braces get his notebook out.

Cllr Phil Davies said to Cllr Foulkes that they’d have to be careful what they said with those two behind us. Cllr Steve Foulkes, at his usual default volume resembling a foghorn on the River Mersey said “Oh, F!*!”, turned a crimson shade of red, then to the female Cllr Brace, representing the Canupawakpa Dakota Nation said in an equally loud voice, “Pardon my French” before storming off to the corridor to the North. Without Cllr Foulkes absent the noise in the Chamber dropped by a number of decibels. He left with a face like thunder but returned with a big grin on his face.

From the benches afar, two Rhinos, on the “critically endangered” list of councillors stared intently at the two members of the public wondering what they were doing there. The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Gerry Ellis lightened the mood by cracking a joke that made Cllr Brace smile. Shortly after the meeting began, with the Mayor introducing Bernard McConnell who was there to pray for the councillors.

After the prayers Cllr Foulkes informed those present that Cllr McArdle couldn’t make it as she was in hospital. There were no other apologies.

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Author: John Brace

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