Wirral Council – Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee 12th July 2011 Part 5

Cllr Cox asked where was the value for money? Chris answered that they had to meet the criteria and have the potential to reach senior management. To access the MBA they had to show how they had put past learning into practice and applied it. The key criteria was that external and internal training must be linked to their job. On value for money there had been lots of feedback. She said she had seen employees and been shown the contribution made which had been enhanced significantly. It was expensive, but about value for money they have contributed more as a result of training. They had taken up projects and dissertations as well as taken up topics. The latest cohort had been providing feedback to the Executive Team which had incorporated learning into how they work.

Cllr Doughty said he was new to the Council, but from feedback he said they should have a “pat on the back”. Although she said employees were motivated, in his view it was quite the opposite. He felt they were deflated, under pressure and de-motivated. Cllr Doughty felt the MBA was beyond the aspiration of most council employees. He had talked to employees who had lost colleagues due to the cutbacks. He disputed the comments made and the “haven’t we done well” report. He said it had been a difficult year but this had been self-imposed which had demotivated staff.

Chris replied that the report highlighted various matters and if it underplayed what happened it was not her intent. She agreed it had been a difficult year, but key strategies were in place.

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