Wirral Council – Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee 12th July 2011 Part 4

Chris Hyams replied that the policy works for home working with a risk assessment, performance management and that it was not a policy but a strategy in how it works and works in practice. She said she could comment on where the policy allowed service drive change and met personal requirements. Cllr Hale congratulated Chris and her colleagues on a full program. Chris thanked Cllr Hale.

Cllr Brighouse said it was a comprehensive report, with some easy to measure outcomes. However there was also some cultural change and he asked how its effectiveness could be measured?

Chris Hyams said there were some measures regarding outputs, however the measurement was how well motivated and how staff performed. The Employment and Appointments Committee had introduced a performance management culture for employees. This had led to a better dialogue about performance and support. Are people contributing to overall performance and how do they feel? This was assessed through feedback and the employee opinion survey. Feedback was used to learn and shape the strategies going forward.

Cllr Brighouse asked about 180 degree assessments. Chris Hyams said 180 degree and 360 degree just look at performance management, because to look at different methods requires feedback. This was not as systematic but an important consideration in performance management.

Cllr Cox said he was all for employee development, but there was a cost of training. E-learning could keep costs down, but for expensive courses what was the criteria to be funded, such as the MBA as not everyone was a leader?

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