Wirral Council – Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee 12th July 2011 Part 3

She continued by referring to the Coaching Programme, Mentoring Programme and Change Management Training. There were also training programs and on-line learning. For employees who did not usually use IT, there was an IT suite for training. The CQC inspection had also led to a training requirement.

There had been a rollout of the Selfserve system the details had been sent to people’s pigeon holes. 90% of employees lived in the Borough which meant Wirral Council had an impact back into their homes. They were supported to be healthy and in work, there had been work on awareness, the people affected by Early Voluntary Redundancy and Voluntary Severance Scheme had been given details of volunteering and how their skills could be transferred to alternative occupations.

The apprenticeships had been increased to a hundred, they had recruited young people and were converting some posts to the apprenticeship framework. The Graduate Programme had recruited a further eight who were in place and there were also work placement opportunities.

Cllr Gilchrist thanked her for her report and said there were two things especially he wanted to ask questions on. He remembered the Trade Union representatives and the staff who had put pressure on councillors. What was the restructuring policy? What is the structure?

Chris replied that the restructuring had taken place but there had not been a consistent approach. This sets out the rules for example the % of a job that was ringfenced and rules regarding slotting in.

Cllr Gilchrist asked about agile working. He said Ian Brand had explained the opportunities, but he wanted to know about progress made.

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