Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 31/1/2011 Part 10 – Strategic Change Programme update (continued)

Cllr Green continued that that DASS was learning a lesson in how they needed to speak to people earlier enough. Communication was important. Mike was the project manager and could provide added reassurance. He was confident the program had not improperly added undue haste to the timescale. They had to make sure the changes were sustainable.

Previously projects had been thrown over the fence and it was up to someone else to get on with it. It was right to proceed with the process. The benefits were financial and cultural. He was confident, the key thing was proper project review. Lessons would be learnt and these should be put in a common area so other people can learn. It was a continuous improvement cycle. There would be “bumps in the road”.

Cllr Green said “to be honest, as I always am, I think the process is really, really good”. He said he hoped the change and project management would have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge.

Mr. Green said he would give councillors some comfort. The improved project management skills had been signed off on 9th December 2010. The projects were developing no reports or problems. They were being signed off and constantly reviewed.

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