Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 31/1/2011 Part 4 – Strategic Change Programme update (continued)

There were one or two projects that had been initiated as a result of the Wirral’s Future – Be a Part of It in relation to fees. He said there could be scrutiny by the overview and scrutiny committees regarding emerging ideas. Regarding resource implications, a lot could be contained within existing resources. The board had stepped back to monthly meetings which was better. Most problems were smoothed out before reaching the board. He said lots of people were working hard and that the appendices don’t list the individual status of projects. There was approval at each gate which was enshrined within the governance arrangements. He was happy to answer and questions from councillors.

Cllr Gilchrist started by referring to section 4.9.1 in relation to skills and capacities. He said he had had problems when emailing people who had left. He asked if Wirral Council had retained people to manage things? He queried whether consultants would be needed and highlighted that Chief Officers could hire consultants up to a certain figure, without approval by councillors.

Mr. Green responded that the strategic change office had 4 1/2 staff, but it would be nice to have more. Of all the projects initiated and that had moved through the process none had needed consultants. However consultant support could be added. He said Friday’s board meeting was considering six projects. Some were still held at the project approval stage and resource requirements needed to be considered. Ideally the resources could be found from inside the Council.

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Author: John Brace

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