Posted by: John Brace | 1st February 2011

Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 31/1/2011 Part 5 – Strategic Change Programme update (continued)

Mr. Green continued by saying the easy answer was no but he was not saying no in the future. They had built on 6-9 months of work and could move people around and possibly bring in specialists although they had very good people within the authority. When they supported people’s ideas to improve the service they tended to blossom and catch onto the idea.

Cllr Gilchrist asked about Equality Impact Assessment and referred to the work of Jacqueline Cross. He referred to 11.2 and asked although they were not required for the program as a whole whether they were conducted for each individual project and were held in a database?

Mr. Green said the simple answer was yes, this was held by the Strategic Change Programme Office. Peter Crawford’s software and paperwork was also held by individual project managers and Chief Officers who had copies as well. Cllr Green referred to Harry Jones and the case of minutes of a meeting that hadn’t happened yet being published. He said there would be no minutes before Friday’s meeting.

Cllr Davies thanked Mr. Green for the report and said it was helpful. He said he looked forward to the councillor’s seminar in March. He asked whether Mr. Green was confident that £10.7 million of savings would be achieved?