Council (Wirral Council) 12/12/2011 Part 4 Agenda Item 3 (Petitions), Agenda Item 4 (Minutes), Agenda Item 5 (Leader’s Announcements)

Agenda Item 3 Petitions

Cllr Lesley Rennie presented a petition of 92 residents of Wallasey who wanted improvements to road safety in reference to a primary school.
Cllr Stuart Wittingham presented a petition of 58 from Ackers Road, Woodchurch.

Edit: 20/12/2011 Apologies to Cllr Steve Williams as this blog post initially incorrectly stated that he presented the petition of 58 from Ackers Road, Woodchurch when this should have been Cllr Stuart Wittingham. [7]

Cllr Harry Smith presented a petition of approximately 600 from Pensby & Thingwall about road safety at a primary school there. He said this was a rolling petition.

Cllr Harry Smith took his petition to the one of the committee clerks.

Agenda Item 4: Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on the 11th October 2011 were agreed and the minutes of the meeting held on the 17th October 2011 were agreed.

Agenda Item 5: Leader’s Announcements

Cllr Steve Foulkes said on a high note he thanked Madam Mayor for hosting the Queen on her recent visit and wished that more councillors could have been invited. They had invited the voluntary sector and the Armed Forces to a one hour lunch and it had been a “great day”. He thanked Cllr Tom Harney and Cllr Jeff Green and said they had not had a royal visit for some time. Cllr Foulkes was proud of what we showed the Queen and made a plea to councillors to think.

As Leader of the Council, the corporate governance reforms were proceeding. There was a deadline of April 2012, which depended on the ability of the Corporate Plan which was linked to the 2012/13 Budget. He said it hadn’t happened before that the Corporate Plan had to be taken to a Scrutiny Committee. However a compromise had been reached. There would be a special meeting of the Scrutiny Committee and a special Council meeting by the 9th January 2012. This would allow things to be read and for issues to feed back into the 2012/13 Budget.

Madam Mayor thanked Cllr Steve Foulkes.

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5 thoughts on “Council (Wirral Council) 12/12/2011 Part 4 Agenda Item 3 (Petitions), Agenda Item 4 (Minutes), Agenda Item 5 (Leader’s Announcements)”

  1. Hi John

    Your report on Full Council meeting, 12th December 2011, states under Agenda item 3 that I presented a petition from Ackers Road, Woodchurch.

    I did not present any petition that night, and have never presented a petition from Woodchurch.

    I ask that you please correct this error.

    Cllr. Steve Williams, Moreton West & Saughall Massie

    1. I apologise for that Cllr Steve Williams and have corrected the error.

      I wrote down the initials of the councillor who presented the petition as SW, which unfortunately not only covers the person that did present the petition Cllr Stuart Wittingham and yourself Cllr Steve Williams.

      In such cases as this where two councillors share the same initials I make a separate note with the first few letters of the first name or last name. Sadly again both you and Cllr Stuart Wittingham share the same two initials in both your surname and last name.

      Usually I rely on an audio record of the meeting when typing it up, but there is usually much noise from the Labour benches to make that impossible when I am in the Council Chamber behind the Labour benches.

      Would you like me to make an apology as a separate blog post or are you happy with the correction?

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