Election Expenses: 2011 (Wirral Borough Council) Prenton ward Candidate: Simon Holbrook Agent: Cllr Ann Bridson Page 4

Signature of agent: M A Bridson                                                                                                                                                      Date: 5th June 2011

Submit this return to the returning officer within 35 calendar days of the day the election result is declared.
It must be accompanied by a separate declaration signed by the election agent verifying this return.
Within 7 working days of submitting this return, the candidate must also submit a signed declaration verifying this return.

Section 3 Summary of spending

Section 3a Types of Payment

Manner of payment £.pp
Unpaid claims NIL
Disputed Claims NIL
Value of notional expenditure £49 . 00
Payments made £1080 . 61
Total election spending £ 1129 . 61

Total spending for 3a should equal the total spending for 3b. If they are not equal you should check your calculation.

Section 3b Categories of spending

Purpose £.pp
A. Advertising  NIL
B. Unsolicited material to electors  £1080 . 61
C. Transport  NIL
D. Public meetings  NIL
E. Agent and other staff costs  NIL
F. Accommodation and administration  NIL
Total election spending £ 1129 . 61

Election Expenses Simon Holbrook Page 4 Prenton Wirral Council 2011 Section 3  Summary of Spending 3a Types of Payment 3b Types of spending

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