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Election Expenses: 2011 (Wirral Borough Council) Prenton ward Candidate: Simon Holbrook Agent: Cllr Ann Bridson Page 4

Signature of agent: M A Bridson                                                                                                                                                      Date: 5th June 2011

Submit this return to the returning officer within 35 calendar days of the day the election result is declared.
It must be accompanied by a separate declaration signed by the election agent verifying this return.
Within 7 working days of submitting this return, the candidate must also submit a signed declaration verifying this return.

Section 3 Summary of spending

Section 3a Types of Payment

Manner of payment£.pp
Unpaid claimsNIL
Disputed ClaimsNIL
Value of notional expenditure£49 . 00
Payments made£1080 . 61
Total election spending £1129 . 61

Total spending for 3a should equal the total spending for 3b. If they are not equal you should check your calculation.

Section 3b Categories of spending

A. Advertising NIL
B. Unsolicited material to electors £1080 . 61
C. Transport NIL
D. Public meetings NIL
E. Agent and other staff costs NIL
F. Accommodation and administration NIL
Total election spending£ 1129 . 61

Election Expenses Simon Holbrook Page 4 Prenton Wirral Council 2011 Section 3 Summary of Spending 3a Types of Payment 3b Types of spending


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