Posted by: John Brace | 29 December 2011

Election Expenses: 2011 (Wirral Borough Council) Prenton ward Candidate: Simon Holbrook Agent: Margaret Ann Bridson Page 5

Section 4 Donations

Please tell us about any amount of money provided by the candidate to meet election expenditure – if no money has been provided enter 0 (zero)

Total value        £ 0

Enter the total value of all donations worth up to the cash value of £50.00. No further details are required about these donations

Total value      £ 100

Total value of donations worth more than £50.00

Total value     £ 1035

Total donations accepted £ 1135

This amount should be greater than or equal to total spending – see 3a and 3b

Total impermissible donations rejected  £ 0

Election expenses Simon Holbrook Page 5 Prenton Wirral Council 2011 Section 4 Donations