Election Result (Wirral Council, 2016): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Geoffrey Watt)

Election Result (Wirral Council, 2016): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Geoffrey Watt)


West Kirby and Thurstaston Ward
Name of candidate  Description (if any) Votes  %
Geoffrey Christopher John 
 The Conservative Party
 2,379  58%  Elected
James Stewart
 Labour Party 1,182  29%  Not elected
 Green Party 320  8%  Not elected
 Liberal Democrats 255  6%  Not elected

There were 26 rejected ballot papers, the electorate was 10,198 and the turnout was 41%.

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Author: John Brace

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5 thoughts on “Election Result (Wirral Council, 2016): West Kirby and Thurstaston: Conservative hold (Geoffrey Watt)”

  1. Wirral Council is looking to reduce flood risk in West Kirby and is exploring how best to do this working with expert partners such as the Environment Agency.

    1. G’day John and Chupacabra

      And I thought it was only about housing estates disguised as golf resorts and footgolf for the hooligans from the North End like “Ankles”.



      Cammel Turds employing again or sacking?

      1. G’day James,

        I think Hoylake Golf Resort might be in the next ward along (Hoylake and Meols) unless I’m mistaken?

        However what’s your opinion on the election results? Are you pleased that Stuart Kelly is a councillor again (as this is something you’ve been calling for in your comments)?

        Do you think he’ll finally get some light on the murky depths of the present state of affairs of BIG/ISUS?

        1. A golf course that is not wanted. A footpath from gilroy road to hoylake that gets used daily going to be moved ??? New housing estate with new road joining Saugall massie road that is already under strain of heavy lorries extra cars it falls into both hoylake west kirby and grange . NOT WANTED NOT NEEDED THE AMERICAN CAN STAY IN AMERICA PLENTY OF LAND THERE . STOP TAKING UP THE GREENBELT . THE NEARBY NATURE RESERVE NEEDS HELP WITH THE NO FISHING IT CAN DO WITH MORE TREES MORE LAND TO SUPPORT AND HELP THE POPULATION OF RED SQUIRRELS BUT ALL THE WC THINKS OF IS BACK HANDERS AND FAT WALLETS . Girtrell court etc all closed AND THEY WANT A GOLF COURSE THINK AGAIN WC WORK FOR THE PUBLIC THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT. WHEN THE BULLDOZERS MOVE IN I WILL BE THERE IN THEIR WAY . Time to make a stand . The line must be drawn here this far no further cross it I will make them pay

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