Posted by: John Brace | 28th January 2011

Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 3

Cllr Green said he accepted the framework and policies. Westminster House was an example of an individual project. In the project plan was how these tools, IT and performance management would be implemented. It was a key element of the change management process. It was open to any scrutiny committee to look at. He had been hearing about the views the of the Director of Adult Social Services on co-location with GPs. It was all being formulated.

Cllr Bridson said she assumed the chief officers were collecting and assessing. She thought we needed to keep a really careful eye on it. Wirral Council needed to offer services alongside saving measures.

Cllr Green said Wirral Council was better at project management. There was “a plan”. There was also a post-implementation review. Lessons would be learnt. He thought the committee will need a further report and needed to know how things were moving.

Cllr Holbrook said he had indicated to talk but Cllr Bridson hadn’t been looking. Cllr Bridson said she can’t normally ignore him. Cllr Holbrook said they needed to discuss what was in it for the Council. He told them not to forget that efficiency savings were an employee benefit which enabled people to work more efficiently. It would also accommodate people’s personal circumstances and be a flexible employee benefit.