Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 4

Cllr Bridson said that “Managers need to manage the situation”.

Cllr Green said he had read in the report something about hot-desking and home-working. People tended to stick things on dongles. He had concerns about data integrity and security of Wirral Council’s information assets.

The answer given was that regarding mobile home working such responsibilities were born by the individual employee.

The committee agreed the recommendations and moved onto discussion about the Occupational Health Contract.

An officer introduced the report by saying they had looked at the issues and were looking at opportunities. Wirral Council wanted to work with partners specifically Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service whose occupational health had won awards. They needed to check the final position. They would continue retendering the process. There were concerns about the cost of the service. They needed to manage demand because of the unit cost. They needed to make referrals for stress earlier and signpost employees to the employee assistance program rather than occupational health as it was more cost effective. They were going to screen referrals with this in mind, but it was a work in progress.

Cllr McLaughlin said there was good ise of the occupational health service. It was an important part of the absence management. She was concerned about the reduction is referrals to occupational health. It might affect sickness levels.

The answer given was that if there was a “legitimate need” it would take place. The employee assistance scheme provided counselling at a flat rate. There were ways of managing it.

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Author: John Brace

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