Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 6

The committee agreed the recommendations and moved onto item 5 – Update on Managing Workforce Change and Redeployment.

An officer introduced the report saying it was an update in relation to ongoing workforce change. Work continues to deliver the resolution. Since the last report of the 63 people on the register, 11 had taken EVR and a further nine were due to leave within the next 6 months. They were tied up in reviews and the exit strategy. There were other opportunities.

Cllr Davies referred to paragraph 4.6 and asked how many on top of the 1,100? 200 had an opportunity for voluntary severance, what was happening to the others?

The answer given was that they were seeking re-employment options and would go onto the redeployment register.

Cllr Davies asked for a list of post for the 220.

Cllr Green said the issue was in the resolution and he had had notes from members of staff. Some people decided to carry on working, however now they see large number of their colleagues have gone. In those circumstances, there was a concern about the reduced terms. Speaking to people who were affected he felt they should be offered the same terms as their colleagues. It was important that they didn’t feel they were affected adversely by going with the others. It was important to deal with people as fairly as possible with these enhanced arrangements.

Cllr Davies said it would be helpful to know the timescale for this.

The answer given was that they had an opportunity to apply which would close on Monday.

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