Employment & Appointments Committee – 27th January Part 9 – Chief Executive

The officer said that the report was around the appointment of a Chief Executive. Cllr Green said he had asked for it. There were options and issues in three key areas. The committee’s views were sought.

Cllr Green said a selection committee of eight was too big. It had to come back and be ratified or delegated to Chris which was “a bit unfair”. Cllr green suggested convening a subcommittee in the proportion 2:2:1. This would decide on a job description, person specification and the process. This would make a recommendation to the full Council.

Cllr Bridson said she agreed it should be the three Group Leaders. Cllr Green said he thought it should be. Cllr Davies said this was essential.

The officer referred to page 3 and the type of contract options, she also referred to the detail on salary, sharing and asked if they would like to leave the subcommittee to make the decision on contract and salary. Cllr Green said he did ask it to be reviewed. Whether Wirral Council shared a chief executive or had our own. He said we were “entering a time of real change, fast change and organisational issues.” Every authority was doing that. A chief executive in a shared role how would they react if an authority was in real trouble? They would be drawn to the one in trouble which means the other would suffer.

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Author: John Brace

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