Posted by: John Brace | 18 October 2019

Has Labour been using Wirral Council email addresses for party political purposes?

Has Labour been using Wirral Council email addresses for party political purposes?


An email (copy of which is below) was sent to Cllr Brian Kenny (to his Wirral Council email address) from the political assistant (using her Wirral Council email address) based in the Labour Office at Wirral Council. By the use of the word “All” in the email it was sent to others too.

All Wirral Council councillors agree to a Code of Conduct which includes:

“2.1. DO act in accordance with the Council’s reasonable requirements including the requirements of the Council’s ICT policy and other Council policies (attached to the Council’s Constitution), copies of which have been provided to you and which you are deemed to have read;

2.2. DO make sure that such resources are not used improperly for political purposes (including party political purposes);”

The ICT Policy on Wirral Council’s website includes (Members means councillors):

“17. Members should not use their ICT facilities improperly for political purposes such as the promotion of a political party, a candidate or group of candidates in an election or in connection with a party political campaign. Receiving email on a separate private email account from a Member’s Group or Party would not be regarded as improper.”

Surely being emailed an invoice to be included as notional expenditure for completing an election expense return as the Labour candidate for Bidston and St James ward is in connection with a party political campaign?

From: “Turner, Barbara” <>
Sent: 08 May 2019 16:56
Attachments: Pro Forma – Wirral Labour Group.docx

Dear All,

I am attaching a copy of the invoice for the Wrap-around — this is split between the 22 wards so everyone should put in a notional amount of £245.45 onto their election expenses.


Barbara signature

Barbara Turner
Personal Assistant & Office Manager

Leader's Office
Wirral Council
Tel: 0151-691-8540

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Please save paper and only print out only what is necessary

“The contents of this email are the personal view of the author and should in no way be considered the official view of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.”.

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  1. These people should be sacked.