Posted by: John Brace | 23 April 2014

How much will Wirral Council have to pay B&M Retail Limited to settle an outstanding compensation claim?

How much will Wirral Council have to pay B&M Retail Limited to settle an outstanding compensation claim?


One of the new items added to Wirral Council’s Forward Plan (which will be decided by Wirral Council’s Cabinet in June) is The Wirral Borough Council (Grange Road, Birkenhead) Compulsory Purchase Order 2008 which relates to an outstanding compensation claim.

Although the Forward Plan doesn’t mention it, Cabinet will be asked to accept a recommendation from officers to settle a claim made by B&M Retail Limited arising from the The Wirral Borough Council (Grange Road, Birkenhead) Compulsory Purchase Order 2008.

B & M Retail Limited objected to Wirral Council’s use of compulsory purchase orders to build an Asda in Birkenhead Town Centre which resulted in a planning inquiry. The twenty-four page report of the Planning Inspector Christina Downes into Wirral Council’s use of their compulsory purchase order powers can be read by following that link.

Two of the people at Wirral Council named on the equality impact assessment for the recommendation to June’s Cabinet to settle the compensation claim of B&M Retail Limited will be familiar to those who have read the media coverage about the court case involving the tenants of Fernbank Farm back in January. They are EIA Lead Officer Tony Simpson (line manager for David Dickenson) and Chief Officer David Armstrong. Head of Section Jeannette Royle is also named on the Equality Impact Assessment.

How much the compensation claim of B&M Retail Limited is for is not known, however it is likely to be for a large amount. It is listed as a key decision on the Forward Plan, which means it is either for £500,000+ or is for ten percent or more of the agreed budget for this area. The Cabinet Member for this area is Councillor Adrian Jones (Cabinet Member for Central and Support Services).

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  1. Hi John no wonder they call it the Clown Hall Surely somebody should have thought when Asda took over half of Birkenhead that the compensation matter would be for Asda to pay not the poor ratepayers of Wirral. The council officers & councillors appear to be incompetent of making commercial decisions & in my humble opinion are not fit for purpose. Question where are they going to get the money from & B&M will be laughing all the way to the bank knowing they have fleeced Wirral ratepayers & getting a better site in the old Kwik Save building & I for one will never ever shop there.
    We have 16 Highly paid legal eagles as well as the famous Surgit Tour running the legal department who have been swindled by B&M
    & yes the poor ratepayer picks up the tab “BEYOND BELIEF”.

    • If I remember correctly, Wirral Council got half a million when the car parks got sold. The Cabinet in 2010 was expecting £2 million but in a behind closed doors meeting reduced it to half a million pounds.

      So any compensation to B&M Retail Ltd will probably come of out of this.

    • It is a great shame that perforce WBC has to make decisions in the commercial world. Patently they are capable of little more than flying Rainbow Alliance flags and mouthing politically correct sentiments.

      No greater argument can be made for reducing taxation and for laissez-faire than the ignoble record of this clumsy behemoth.

      • Well how long do you think certain Wirral Council officers would last in a commercial environment instead of what seems to be a job for life (with early retirement prospects) that the public sector offers?

        • The progress may well be triumphal as Thursday’s Echo story re Ms Basnett , from Purchase Ledger clerk to CEO Wirral Chamber of Commerce. I cant imagine there is anything more to do than heat a knife to go through butter as under Ms Basnett’s aegis so many ridiculous BIG claims went through. and yet advancement was offered her by dedicating OUR asset, Egerton house, to the cause of the chamber of commerce.

          No wioder the Basnett bid went through backed by the rental incomes of that property!!

  2. More of our council tax being sacrificed due to incompetence.

    • Well each year, reserves are set aside in Wirral Council’s budget for unexpected expenditure, but the reserves have to be replenished by the next financial year.