Posted by: John Brace | 18 June 2018

Kingdom awarded further 3 year contract by Wirral Council for litter and dog fouling fines

Kingdom awarded further 3 year contract by Wirral Council for litter and dog fouling fines


Cllr Matthew Patrick (Wirral West Constituency Committee) 14th June 2018

Cllr Matthew Patrick (Wirral West Constituency Committee) 14th June 2018

Wirral Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr Matthew Patrick (pictured above at a recent meeting of Wirral Council’s Wirral West Constituency Committee) has awarded Kingdom Environmental Services a contract to undertake the issuing of fines for dog fouling and litter from 2018 to 2021. The contract will also have the option to be extended for a further three years.

Kingdom Environmental Services hold the existing contract for litter enforcement. The existing contract started on 1st July 2015 for two years and was extended for a year to the end of June 2018.

Wirral Council is currently consulting on a series of Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders. The closing date for the consultation is 15th July 2018 and a decision is expected in August 2018.

If agreed the Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders will ban dogs from certain parts of Birkenhead Park, ban dogs from other parts of Birkenhead Park from August to May and ban dogs from Leasowe Bay, Meols Beach, New Brighton beach, Wallasey beach and West Kirby bathing beach between May and September.

Following consultation Kingdom under the new three-year contract are expected to enforce these proposed Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders.

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  1. Another slice of outsourcing and a lucrative little earner for Kingdom PLC who’s corporate pledge to the Council is probably ‘if we find shit we shift it’.
    To think that Canine shit has become big business. Is it just canine shit? Or could it be the excrement from a human or any other mammal species. It’s hard to know. My guess is that Kingdom will treat any shit they locate with a single minded determination to ‘shift it’. I reckon it’s any piece of shit including that from a human arse.
    Mind, do they really actually shift it? I hope so. That’s the least the good people of Wirral should expect. It’d be a poor show if their activities only focussed on the actual dog, its owner and the anus that’s deposited the shit. What I’d like to see is for Kingdom to collect this shit, pile it up in what I hope would become a vast mound of shit and invite the Council, who are the ones who fuel, fund and perpetuate this outsourcing madness to visit this stinking mound of shit and look on in awe and marvel at the results of their latest partnership that’s provided the public more savings, more value for money and less shit to step in.

    • Thanks for your comment bobby47.

      Just to be clear the contract to Kingdom is just for issuing fines for litter or dog fouling, not for actually clearing away the litter or clearing the streets and open spaces of dog fouling.