Posted by: John Brace | 18th January 2013

Leasowe and Moreton East By-election Result (Wirral Council) Ian Lewis (Conservative) returned

Having lost his seat last May to Labour’s Anita Leech (with a majority of 318), after the death of Cllr Ann McArdle, Ian Lewis (Conservative) overturned Labour’s majority into a majority of 265 in the by-election.

The result doesn’t change the balance of power on Wirral Council, but does reduce Labour’s majority from nine to seven. Meanwhile in the Heswall by-election held on the same day Kathryn Anne Hodson (Conservative) was predictably returned with a comfortable majority of 794.

Candidate Party Votes
Ian LEWIS Conservative 1620
Pauline Ann DANIELS Labour 1355
Susan Jane WHITHAM U.K. Independence 148
Mark HALLIGAN Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 31
Jim MCGINLEY Green Party 28
Daniel CLEIN Liberal Democrat 28


  1. well done to Ian and the team! from June and Stewart Daniels

  2. Brilliant Ian knew you could do it, also many thanks for making sure I could vote this year!

    Jennifer (Stavordale Road)

  3. Thanks for the impartial article John and thanks also to June and Stewart Daniels for their comment. Any relation? 😉

    • Thanks, I wondered the same thing too.