Posted by: John Brace | 5 February 2016

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority decides to freeze Mersey Tunnels cash tolls for 2016/17 at 2015/16 levels, reduce Fast Tag tolls in 2016/17, not charge tolls on Christmas Day 2016 and no tolls for emergency vehicles

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority decides to freeze Mersey Tunnels cash tolls for 2016/17 at 2015/16 levels, reduce Fast Tag tolls in 2016/17, not charge tolls on Christmas Day 2016 and no tolls for emergency vehicles


Councillors on the Merseytravel Committee met on Thursday afternoon to decide on a recommendation on Mersey Tunnel tolls for 2016/17. Their recommendation was accepted at a meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority that met the following day on Friday morning.

You can view video of the Merseytravel Committee meeting on Youtube below (starting at agenda item 6 (Mersey Tunnel tolls).

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Merseytravel Committee meeting 4th February 2016 starting at agenda item 6 (Mersey Tunnel tolls) (1m45s)

You can view video of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority meeting on Youtube below (starting at agenda item 10 (Mersey Tunnel tolls 2016/17) below.

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The decision made was that cash tolls would be kept the same for 2016/17 as they were in 2015/16. The cash toll levels decided for 2016/17 are shown below.

Vehicle Class2016/17 Cash toll

The price for Fast Tag tolls was reduced for 2016/17. Below is a table of 2016/17 Fast Tag tolls compared to 2015/16.

Vehicle Class2016/17 Fast Tag toll2015/16 Fast Tag toll

There were also other changes agreed for 2016/17. Tunnel tolls will be waived for all classes of traffic between 10 pm on Christmas Eve (24th December 2016) to 6 am on Boxing Day (26th December 2016). All designated emergency vehicles will no longer have to pay tolls in 2016/17.

These were the votes on the Mersey Tunnel tolls decision at the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority meeting.

Mayor Joe Anderson (Liverpool City Council) FOR
Cllr Phil Davies (Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council) FOR
Cllr Andy Moorhead (Knowsley Council) FOR
Cllr John Fairclough (Sefton Council) deputy for Cllr Ian Maher (Sefton Council) FOR

Cllr Rob Polhill (Halton) ABSTAIN

Reacting to the decision, John McGoldrick representing the Mersey Tunnels Users Association stated that “the [Liverpool City Region Combined] Authority would still be making a massive profit from the Tunnels and that most users of the Tunnels would not be seeing the reductions in tolls promised last year.”;

During the meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Cllr Phil Davies (pictured below) said,

Cllr Phil Davies speaking about Mersey Tunnel tolls for 2016 17 at the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority meeting on the 5th February 2016

Cllr Phil Davies speaking about Mersey Tunnel tolls for 2016 17 at the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority meeting on the 5th February 2016

“Yeah, I’d just like to say a few things about this. I welcome the recommendations of Merseytravel yesterday and the recommendations in this report.

Errm, I think I just need to record the fact that I’ve been involved in the errm the Task Group that’s been looking at this so, this issue errm, but I clearly wanted to, to hear what the outcome of the meeting is today was and I do endorse the approach.

I mean from each err, errm, we did make a commitment in the devolution deal that we gain control of the finances of the Mersey, Mersey Tunnels, errm and certainly you know, wearing my Wirral hat, I think this is definitely a big move forward, errm.

You know, the id.., the fact that the errm the cash toll has been frozen for a further year is great news but even more importantly the Fast Tag, which is effectively a local discount, is being reduced by 20p. So that would mean that errm, there’ll be a 50%, 50p discount per a journey, using the Fast Tag which if you’re travelling, if you’re travelling each day, it could be a saving of £5 a week.

So I think this is err, you know if I can use the expression, I think this is the kind of devolution dividend deal if you like, the deal that was signed with government, I think it will help local people who use the Fast Tag and local businesses. Errm and I really think this is a good demonstration of the value we’re getting already from the devolution deal but finally Chair I’d like to say I’m hoping in future err years we can go even further.

I think we need to do err more work, err more, I know there are more discussions errm err going on with government about us gaining even greater control over the finances of the Tunnels. Certainly from a personal point of view, I’d like to see us continue to drive down the costs of the err tunnel tolls for residents particularly local users, but I do welcome the recommendations in the report. Thanks Chair.”


Just for clarity, the discount for Fast Tag users (compared to cash tolls) for 2016/17 is not 50% as stated by Cllr Phil Davies. It’s (to the nearest percent) 29% for class 1, 29% for class 2, 29% for class 3 and 29% for class 4.

The new tolls for 2016/17 will come into effect on Sunday 3rd April 2016. If you wish you can apply for a Fast Tag on the Mersey Tunnels website here.

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  1. G’day John

    Why don’t they do something decent like saving Lyndale School.

    Their local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Plans unveiled for major Wirral air show at New Brighton prom this summer



    I think they have gone way past decent and hope they are punished by Europe etc and deservedly so.

    • Lyndale School is still open (at least until the end of this academic year).

      However before the elections comes the Labour Cabinet’s last chance to change their minds before the elections.

      The Wirral Schools Forum, who recommends the Schools Budget to Cabinet have recommended deleting all the 40 places at Lyndale School (to zero).

      In theory councillors on the Cabinet could change their proposals (which will end up after Budget cabinet being a recommendation to all councillors at Budget Council).

      However my prediction is:

      a) the Labour Cabinet will rubber stamp removing all the places at the Lyndale School based on the recommendation from the Wirral Schools Forum

      b) this will be referred to Council where the Labour councillors will all agree to the Labour Budget proposed by the Labour Cabinet

      The Lyndale School doesn’t close until after the elections, so in theory after the elections in May a new administration could revoke the closure order.

      However how likely do you think that will be to happen after the elections?

      What usually happens is that a new adminsitration usually says the party
      before them agreed a budget that they have to stick to for the first year!

      This way they can justify breaking all their election promises!

  2. G’day John

    I have had the best laugh this morning for ages.

    The Rubbish Paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters

    Liverpool bomb scare man’s web ramblings and his 20-year boat insurance vendetta

    Read the article John.

    Almost five years ago since I started my web ramblings and just limited my complaints to Wirral Borough Council and 66 councillors thinking they were honest law abiding citizens that would do the RIGHT THING I started to get angry and say if I broke a window in the Clown Hall I would be in court in minutes.

    “Highbrow” just poo poo’d me and said I have a mate who is a councillor by the name of Adrian Jones Ex-Mayor and Cabinet Member for all things money.

    Almost five years later “The Pretend Friend” as proven he is just a low life who protected AdderleyDadderleyDooLally by coordinating a farce.

    Hiding the Chief Internal Auditors Report arranging another Report from Grant Thornton for £50,000.00 plus and hiding that and someone got Dave Garry to write a Report that was a croc of shit and he got paid off £40,000.00 and now they are hiding the DCLG Report that saw the end of AdderleyDadderleyDooLally

    So John it looks like I am in this for another 15 years at least just taking the piss out of these clown cillors.



    So John if all 66 muppets in an organisation are just going to be brain dead and obey peanut dishonest leaders individuals just don’t have a chance even when crimes are committed.

    Well done 65 aiders and abettors if you keep it up and just nod and obey and occasionally turn a blind eye you will get to see the Queen like “Crapapple”.


    My family will be so proud.

    • Well put it this way, I hope in 15 years time I’m not still reporting on Wirral Council!

      No doubt by that point someone will try to talk me again into being a councillor!

      I should demand a pay rise really. Or radically change the business model.

      Well maybe if I have the time to do so….

  3. G’day John

    Let’s see if “The Pretend Friend’s” long suffering missus has any better morals and ethics than the lowest life form on Wirral?

    Her leprechaun.

    Their local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Wallasey pensioners told their bus shelter has to go because it breaches Equalities Act

    She’s going to give old people an ear she boasted last week but she won’t do anything about this one because if you read the article the Blow Dry Liberal always in the Salon that her old man falls asleep in the chamber dreaming about is on the case.



    She was appalled when “Highbrow” told her about Wirral “Funny” Bizz at the very start, what a scum baggess.

  4. All you need to know is that Cllr Leah Fraser’s term of office ends in May 2016.

    So a bit of personal good public relations for her on a “bread and butter” type issue in her ward is a good thing for her personal profile.

    The only Tory on the Merseytravel Committee is Cllr Les Rowlands (from Wirral). Maybe Cllr Fraser could raise it with him? However being Mayor of Wirral this year, he hasn’t been seen as much at public meetings of the Merseytravel Committee (or maybe there’s another reason why he hasn’t been seen much).

  5. G’day John

    Are you being mischievous about the latest “Dunny Chain Wearer” you cheeky little boy?

    The Blow Dry from the Salon was big noting to WB 3 about going to Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting of 8 October 2014 into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and sorting them out.

    A no show but she was probably just flirting with the prettiest of the whistle blowers or just stuck getting a blow in the Salon

    Another useless scum baggess.



    • I cover so many people who are as you’d refer to as “Dunny Chain Wearer”.

      So do you mean, current Mayor of Wirral Cllr Les Rowlands, current Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Tony Concepcion or elected Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson?

      Ahh you mean Cllr Les Rowlands.

      Being mildly mischievous is part of my job description! 😀

  6. G’day John

    Once you have been Mayor of Wirral and wore that Dunny Chain for one year you think you are GOD.

    Look at recent times

    The welsh leprechaun can get them to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds defending his “mate” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally after lying, cheating and being deceitful etc.

    “Ankles” having the gall to remain Dunny Chain Wearer after the Charity Brawl at the Hall but even worse passing envelopes to the tweed jacket and roll ups from that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters in a break in a Clowncil Meeting.

    Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate

    And, now you seem to have dirt on him the male equivalent of the Libreral Blow Dry who makes me ashamed of being born anywhere near Heswall.

    And the dirt my boy is…………………..



    • Oh I got something in a brown envelope on Thursday afternoon.

      It was the agenda/reports for the meeting of the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority meeting of the 5th February 2016.

      I also get sent ICO decision notices through the post in white envelopes. Sadly ICO don’t email them to me any more.

      As to me knowing embarrassing things about politicians, well I’m afraid I’ll opt for the politicians’ answer when asked a difficult question of:

      “I don’t remember.” 😀

      Too early in the morning for me to think straight you see. 😀 To remember embarrassing details requires me to be more awake!!

  7. G’day John

    I panicked when you mentioned getting an envelope.

    I first thought….shit Eccles Cake Face that is Ecca that is The Blinking CEO had sent you your P45.

    Then I remembered your not on the pay roll they give you cash in hand for doing the right thing.

    Then I thought it was from “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” an invitation to join Labor and have “Crapapple’s” seat because they always knew he had an early use by date.



    As you say

    Too early in the morning for me to think straight you see.

    • Actually, I am looking at a brown envelope now. Sent to me anonymously about a fortnight ago.

      It’s about a Wirral Council councillor.

      I’ll give you a teaser of a preview of the letter.

      “Dear Mr Brace,

      I would draw your attention [to] the enclosed notice in the London Gazette (available on the Web) stating that Councillor”

      However I can confirm I am not employed by Wirral Council. I have not in the past been employed by Wirral Council.

      As to Wirral Council giving me “cash in hand” (which I deny), thanks for the laugh!

      I can confirm that Wirral Council is not an advertiser on this blog, nor do I have a contract with them in return for services.

      “Doing the right thing” as you put it, I receive a salary from the private sector for.

      Yes I have been asked to join the Labour Party in the past (I politely declined).

      • G’day John

        The teaser is to hard when i am tired and emotional on a Sunday night.

        All I can find in the semi dark is Harbac liquidation.



        Maybe I will have better luck in the cold light of day.



        I am sure another day will never change history.

    • Here is a picture of a Chinese dragon to cheer you up as it’s the Chinese New Year. It’s from over in Liverpool today.

      Liverpool Chinese New Year 2016 Chinese dragon

      Liverpool Chinese New Year 2016 Chinese dragon

  8. G’day John

    Is that Kev and Stella in the background?



    • I’ve no idea who you mean by Kev and Stella so I can’t answer that question.

  9. G’day John

    If you give me some more clues about the teaser I will not tell everyone the current score in the “Tarrantino” v “Highbrow” world series ongoing chess tournament.

    Deal or no deal?



    • Highbrow won both games (but I think it took him 11 (if I remember correctly) more moves to beat me in the second game).

      I’ll give you a clue then, it’s about a councillor being made bankrupt. Someone who has featured on this blog before.

      • Thanks John

        Still no idea which clown cillor but I didn’t know the chess score.

        “Highbrow” is an honourable man unlike “The Pretend Friend”



        Will he be disqualified or will they just try to cover it up?

        I don’t mean the chess score I mean the clown cillor.

        • There used to be a law that if you were a discharged bankrupt you were disqualified from being a local councillor.

          However the law was changed to remove this disqualification before this councillor became bankrupt. I’d have to look up exactly when that happened but the legal change happened before this councillor became bankrupt.

          So in answer to your question, the councillor (whoever he/she is) can carry on being a councillor, can stand in elections etc.

          The councillor gave me a quote about it and when it’s a slow news day I’ll run that story.

          I just have other things to do right now that have time limits…

  10. So John

    They will try to cover it up in the Wirral spirit of honesty, oneness and transparency that makes them the most improved clown cil in the country.

    Did the envelope sender say he had a recording and was going to ask for money?

    Did he put it through your letter box or leave it at your (Wirral) gate?

    Anony Mouse is a busy boy, pity he hasn’t got boy bits.



    • They put a stamp on it (a Star Wars one) and sent it through the post.

      So in answer to your two questions no.