Local Government Association/ Wirral Council Improvement Board 19th October 2012

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LGA (Local Government Association)

Joyce Redfearn (Chair of Improvement Board, LGA)
Cllr Stephen Houghton CBE (Labour Peer, Barnsley Council, LGA)
Paul Rowen (Liberal Democrat Peer, LGA)
Gillian Connolly, LGA Team
Pat (Commissioning)
Dr. Gill Taylor, Principal Adviser, North West (LGA)

Wirral Council

Cllr Ann McLachlan (Labour, Wirral Council),
Cllr Phil Davies (Labour, Wirral Council),
Cllr Tom Harney (Liberal Democrat, Wirral Council)
Cllr Jeff Green (Conservative, Wirral Council)
Graham Burgess, Interim Chief Executive (Wirral Council)
Fiona Johnstone, Joint Director of Public Health (Wirral Council/NHS)
Steve Rowley, Adult Social Services (Wirral Council)
Chris Hyams, Human Resources and Organisational Development (Wirral Council)
Kevin Adderley, Regeneration, Housing & Planning (Wirral Council)
Emma Degg, Communications and Engagement (Wirral Council)
Christopher Dowly? Unknown (Technical Services) (Wirral Council)
Surjit Tour, Acting Director of Law, HR and Asset Management (Wirral Council)
Julia Hassall, Acting Director of Children’s Services (Wirral Council)
Mike Thomas (District Auditor, auditor for Wirral Council appointed by Audit Commission)
Three other unknown Wirral Council officers

Various members of the press and public

Agenda Item 1 Welcome and Introductions to the Improvement Board 00:01 to 02:18

Joyce Redfearn: We’ve got absolutely everybody in the room. Really delighted to see you here, but particularly to members of the public who take the time and effort to come and join us, and I think who are recording the proceedings as we are speaking as well. A warm welcome to you to the public part of the meeting, would it help if members of the Board and the Management Team just introduced themselves, so you know who’s present in the room?
John Brace: Sorry, could you use the microphone please so we can hear you at the back?
Joyce Redfearn: That’s working well, I’m requested to use the microphone so people can hear. Is that better for you?
John Brace: Yes.
Joyce Redfearn: Good. OK, introductions. I’m Joyce Redfearn and I’m the Independent Chair of the Improvement Board.
Graham Burgess: I’m Graham Burgess and I’m the Chief the Executive of Wirral Borough Council.
Gillian Connolly: I’m Gill Connolly and I’m a part of the LGA Team.
Pat: I’m Pat Ho???, Commissioning.
Stephen Houghton: I’m Stephen and I’m an LGA Peer.
*door squeaks as Julia Hassall arrives late*
Gill Taylor: Gill Taylor, I’m the Principal Adviser for the North West for the LGA.
*Julia Hassall arrives and walks in front of camera*
Fiona Johnstone: I’m Fiona Johnstone, Director of Public Health and the *indecipherable*.
Steve Rowley: I’m Steve Rowley, I’m here for the Director of Adult Social Services, Graham Hodkinson.
Chris Hyams: Errm, I’m Chris Hyams, Head of HR and OD.
Kevin Adderley: I’m Kevin Adderley, Director of Regeneration, Housing and Planning.
Emma Degg: I’m Emma Degg, *microphone feedback* Head of Communications and Engagement.
Christopher Dowly?: Interim Executive Director of Law.
??? ???: Technical Services
Surjit Tour: Acting Director of Law, HR and Asset Management.
Julia Hassall: I’m Julia Hassall, I’m Acting, sorry, Director of Children’s Services.
Cllr Ann McLachlan: I’m Cllr Ann McLachlan, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Improvement and Governance.
Cllr Phil Davies: Errm, hi, I’m Phil Davies, Leader of the Council.
Paul Rowen: Err Paul Rowen, I’m Chair of the *indecipherable*.
Cllr Tom Harney: Tom Harney, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group. ???? ???: I’m Dennis ????, LGA Peer.
Cllr Jeff Green: Jeff Green, Leader of the Conservative Group.
Joyce Redfearn: OK, thank you very much everybody for introducing and even bringing in a piece of teamwork, as we worked out how to share mikes. *indecipherable* I’m very glad. Errm, the format has changed,

Agenda Item 2 Improvement Board Progress to Date 02:18 to 14:10

Improvement Board Progress to Date Report

The Chair, Joyce Redfearn spoke about the report.

Agenda Item 3 Questions from the Public 14:10 to 15:12

There were a number of questions from myself, John Brace which were answered by the Chair, Joyce Redfearn.

Agenda Item 4 Unknown

Agenda Item 5 Unknown

Agenda Item 6 Unknown

Agenda Item 7 Unknown

Agenda Item 8 Unknown

Agenda Item 9 Unknown

Agenda Item 10 Unknown

Agenda Item 11 Unknown

Agenda Item 12 Unknown

Agenda Item 13 Unknown

Agenda Item 14 Unknown

Other agenda items unknown

Letter Before Claim to Wirral Council.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

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