Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton to be debated by Wirral’s councillors tonight

Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton to be debated by Wirral’s councillors tonight

Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton to be debated by Wirral’s councillors tonight


Cllr Chris Blakeley (foreground centre) the proposer of the Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton at a public meeting last month
Cllr Chris Blakeley (foreground centre) the proposer of the Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton at a public meeting last month

Wirral Council has a sub domain ( on its website which is used to publish information to do with public meetings.

Due to the way its configured, the search engines (at least the search engines that respect such rules) are barred from searching pages on its website.

I have to declare at this point that I earn money from Google. However to illustrate this point a quick search of the site in Google will only show one page even though there are many more pages than that.

So I used a program called Xenu Link Sleuth to create an index of pages on that part of Wirral Council’s website. This has thrown up many interesting (and some quite frankly dull pages).

For example, one of the larger files on that part of Wirral Council’s website at nearly 17 megabytes is the Mersey Heartlands Water Cycle Study (January 2014) (100 pages) which was done for Wirral Council and Liverpool City Council by URS Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd. The report is connected to this delegated decision made by the Cabinet Member for the Economy made on the 26th February 2014 and is a material consideration when deciding on planning applications.

Pages 65 to 72 of that report deal with management of flood risk and Notice of Motion 4 to tonight’s Council meeting is about flooding in Moreton. Labour have submitted an amendment (amendment 2 on this list) that adds an extra two paragraphs to the original motion.

That report mentions in detail the risks of various types of flooding and refers to the River Birket. As it states in the report:

  • "The main river draining the Wirral Mersey Heartland, the River Birket, relies on pumping, and the area is reliant on flood defences to minimise flood risk to the existing development both from fluvial and tidal flood risk and surface water drainage channels. Failure of these defences constitutes a residual risk of flooding to the area."

If you’re wondering what fluvial means, it means “of or relating to a river”.

The report also details what how new homes should be more water efficient through the Water Efficiency Targets such as through water efficient showers, rainwater harvesting and other measures to cut down the amount of water used by households.

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16 thoughts on “Notice of Motion on flooding in Moreton to be debated by Wirral’s councillors tonight”

  1. G’day John

    More good news again today there must be a meeting coming up so they can pat themselves on the back

    Their local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Wirral Council is looking to reopen Birkenhead’s Hamilton Square to traffic as part of £1.1m project

    “Humpty Dumpty” has stirred up Regurgitation to reopen the square.

    I’m not talking masonic John they might be.

    How will he cope without his lying, cheating boss?

    Humpty though has a fine advisor according to the article the Cabinet Member Lunatic of Community Centres on which he is an expert after getting Wirral “Funny” Bizz to do not one but was it two or three business plans on a centre in New Brighton with no customers at a cost of £3,000 plus a go.



    They could have done the square up twice with the money they let Wirral “Funny” Bizz get away with to Portugal and probably have enough change for a new wall for Humpty.

  2. G’day John

    You will no doubt meet Mr Tour before I do.

    Would you mind asking him why when he met with Jones Lambert “Highbrow” and myself about all things Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods he said.

    “I wasn’t there at the time”



    Thanks John it didn’t matter to us at the time it might to Ecca.

    1. I won’t meet him (Mr Tour) tonight as I’ll be up in the public gallery and he’ll be downstairs in the Council Chamber.

      Nor do I know the full context in which the quote you’re ascribing to him was made or roughly when it was made.

      So the answer is yes I would mind asking him as and to be clear I won’t because:-

      (a) if you were unsure what he meant why didn’t you ask that at the time of the conversation itself,

      (b) It wasn’t happening in an area of the Council he was the Chief Officer for and the problems over how the whistleblowing was handled started before he became Monitoring Officer and

      (c) I caused enough of a nuisance of myself over insisting that the accounts for the Merseyside Pension Fund were approved legally (which caused him extra work).

  3. G’day John

    He knows he was lying John so there is no need for you to worry.

    Thanks anyway.

    Keep up the great work.

    Boy does he deserves the extra work working and siding with them.



    1. I did see him this evening. He’s trying his best to make sure councillors don’t do the wrong thing.

      Meeting got delayed starting, I would hazard a guess that he [Surjit Tour] was trying to persuade councillors not to talk about the dead police officer and how he died as someone’s on trial for it. As I’ve said solicitors take things like right to a fair trial and contempt of court seriously..

      Politicians do what they like though whatever the lawyers advise.

      1. G’day John

        Holier than thou solicitor?????

        So what would he have done if he new about the asset stripping in the Lockwood/Harbac issue?

        Who actually hid the Beverley Report?

        I know you can’t answer for him but he said in front of “the Pretend Friend” “The Auditor with the Alphabet after his Name” “Highbrow” and myself that he wasn’t there.

        So were the eff was he?



  4. T’other night, bereft of hope and in despair I knelt in prayer before I got into bed to begin my nightly ritual whilst watching the execution of Saddam Hussain and, at the very same time, consuming a lovely custard slice. More in bloody hope and desperation than anything else, I begged him, I said Lord give us a sign. Send us an omen. Deliver us from our tormentors the bloody rotten stinking Council.

    Course, whilst praying, gibbering and muttering on I didn’t actually say and ask for it but God knew what I was thinking and he immediately punished me and gifted me agonising cramp in me right thigh muscle to teach me a lesson. You see, I’d asked God to rummage around some brown fill site that he’d created, find a ten ton boulder and drop it on Kevin Adderley’s bonce and clearly, God being God, he didn’t like me tone and punished me. I got up howling, ‘Dear Lord you do move in mysterious ways. You’ve given me the cramp to teach me a lesson’.

    That’s what God does. God can do anything and he goes about his wonderous works doing things in an altogether roundabout way. Instead of God finding a boulder himself, hoisting it up over the Wirral and then depositing it upon the heads of all those who’ve been complicit in wrongdoing, what God does is truly remarkable. He gets us all angry, he gets John Brace, Paul Cardin and Wirral Leaks to create investigative blogs that fuel our angst even more, we get organised, purchase and acquire great shovels and other excavating devices, we dig up a huge boulder, build a vast crane, hoist up this giant bloody rock and we are then given the opportunity by God to drop our devilish payload upon the Town Hall.

    And so, this is the way in which God works as he carries out his daily governance of the World that he created. Instead of bellowing from above, ‘stop thieving public money’, he gets James Griffiths and Nigel Hobrow to blow the whistle, endure endless personal challenges and hardships that one day will result in the public shaming of WBC.

    Now, some might say, what’s this rancid codswallop got to do with the John Brace Blog. My answer? I’ve no idea, God made me write it.

    1. Thanks Bobert

      Would I do it again knowing what I know now four and a half years later.

      As they say down under ******* Oath!



      Luv ya Bobby and your brilliant work would like to hear more often.

      You are spot on about “Tarrantino” Brace Paul and My Leaky Hero the three main scourges of Wirral BC.

      Then there is you, “Highbrow” and me,

      God’s Gift.

      1. I suggest you don’t watch my video footage of tonight’s Council meeting James, more fawning praise of Kevin Adderley by councillors, they even applauded him and I think the way they talk about him you’d think Kevin could walk on water… whilst smoking a cigarette…

        1. God John

          I don’t mean you have been promoted you silly boy Saint John.

          He must have some dirt on someone.



          Don’t they understand asset stripping either?

          1. G’day john

            Is his “Football Shirt” going to be retired with his name on the back?

            They shouldn’t retire it there are a few more who qualify to wear that ridiculously juvenile framed fantasy of the fantasist who is Britain’s most credulous man.



            Even his rubbish football team get applause once a year, usually pre-season.

            Did Stella get a mention John?

        2. Seems like he can walk on water and make what he wants of the law on asset stripping.

          1. G’day John

            Well founded applause from his aiders and abettors.

            Was the applause led by “The Tory Raving Loony” with his worst scandal in forty years


            “Phil the Very Deluded Dill” who probably met Stella




            was he in the stairwell giving “The Tweed Jacket” from the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s stinking Stagnant Waters the dirt on Wirralgate?


            “The Pretend Friend” due process Boyo and you can’t pick the eyes of a corpse or some other welsh crap.

            Bet Stuart Kelly was laughing his bits off.

            Come on Ecca it is time for you to shine or haven’t you read The Beverley Report.

            “The Shyster’s usual excuse is “I wasn’t there”.



      2. Saint John

        I do know John that AdderleyDadderltDooDah wasn’t worth 400 fags.



    2. Thanks bobby47.

      I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing tonight. Writing Youtube descriptions about the video footage I took tonight of the meeting of all of Wirral’s councillors.

      I gave up being angry a long time ago it was bad for my blood pressure.

  5. G’day John

    From the rubbish local propaganda sheet

    Wirral school’s World War Two air raid shelters to reopen this week

    Wirral could do there bit for education into the bad times like the schools are talking about the wars.

    They could open up their chambers to show the really really bad times

    Norman Wilkie Coleman Garry Adderley Tour Jones Davies Davies Foulkes Armstrong Crabtree et al.

    Forgot that fat burgerwiththelot and 29 mistakes in seven seconds BURGESS. Silly me.

    They all must of known of Lockwood/Harbac and if they didn’t they shouldn’t have got £90,000.00 plus per annum and a pay off or the kudos of being a big purple headed buffoon of a clowncillor at the least Improved Council In The Country.

    Until they fess up.



    Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny Bizz Wirral “Funny” Bizz

    Colas Colas Colas Colas

    etc etc etc


    Ecca to TO DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

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