Pension Committee 27/6/2011 – Part 1 Introductions, Declarations of Interest, election of Vice-Chair, Local Government Chronicle Investment Conference (Newport)

The agenda for tonight’s Pension Committee meeting is here.

The Chair said the sound equipment wasn’t working and welcomed people to the first meeting of 2011/2012. He asked those present to introduce themselves. After introductions he asked for declarations of interest. Cllr George Davies declared that his wife was a member of the Fund and that he chaired a Merseyside Board. He also asked if he needed to declare an interest every time or whether it could be recorded and him not needing to do so.

The Chair said he had to declare personal or prejudicial interests in relation to the pension committee agenda.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

There were two nominations for Vice-Chair, Cllr Cherry Povall and Cllr Ann McLachlan. The vote on Cllr Ann McLachlan was held first. There were five votes for (Cllr Ann McLachlan forgot to vote, but tried to after the votes had been counted), five votes against. The Chair had a casting vote and voted against. Therefore Cllr Cherry Povall was elected as Vice-Chair.

Item 4 was about the Local Government Chronicle Investment Conference in Newport. The Chair asked people if they were going. Cllr Harney said he wasn’t able to go but sending people was valuable. The Chair said he was willing. Cllr McLachlan said she was not available. Cllr Jones asked about the spare place. Cllr Harry Smith said he had “got things to do”. Cllr McLachlan suggested those on the committee were consulted by email so they could consult their diaries, it was agreed it would be delegated to officers.

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Author: John Brace

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