Planning Committee 19th July 2011 – Delegated Decisions, AOB (guidance on solar panels, glossary) – Part 11

The Chair asked if everyone was happy with item 16 Planning Applications Decided Under Delegated Powers Between 11/06/2011 and 07/07/2011. Cllr Kenny said he was happy and it had been a quick meeting.

Item 17 (s.106 agreement Reeds Lane) was deferred to a later meeting of the Planning Committee.

Matt agreed to come up with a glossary of terms as he had missed a few off. It was a work in progress but a draft copy would be circulated to councillors. The Chair as an item of any other business said he had been approached as to whether planning permission was required for solar panels on a roof. He said there was confusion as to what the procedure was in a Conservation Area. However, for areas that were not in a Conservation Area it would be helpful to have guidance. It was something they needed to know about. He asked if councillors were happy with a report coming to a future committee? They were. He closed the meeting by thanking people for their attendance.

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Author: John Brace

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