Wirral Council’s Cabinet meeting (21st July 2011) – the highlights – Grange Road West Sports Centre to transfer to Birkenhead Community Development Committee

Highlights of decisions of Wirral Council’s Cabinet meeting of the 21st July 2011

Here’s a quick rundown of what has been reported to ( the Labour Cabinet (Wirral Council) of the 21st July 2011:-

  • Under-age sales of alcohol during test purchases up (22%), which is 7% above target
  • % reduction in under-18 conception rate (-13%), target is -50%
  • Energy efficiency using software to shut computers down when not in use to save £80,000. Software hasn’t been installed but it costs £50,000.
  • Disposal of assets (expected to save £481,000) delayed (Pacific Road, Tramway Museum, Beechwood Community Centre etc)
  • Electronic payment for procurement delayed
  • Office rationalisation not meeting expected savings targets
  • % of council invoices from SMEs paid by Wirral Council within 10 days 45% (15% below a target of 60%)
  • Budget projected shortfall up to £25 million (from £20.8 million)
  • Mapleholme, Poulton House and 96 Manor Road to be auctioned off
  • Meadowcroft to go to Age UK (formerly Age Concern)
  • Westminster House to be sold to Wirral Partnership Homes for less than the £1.9 million originally agreed
  • Wirral Council’s contract procedure rules changed as the previous ones were criticised by the Audit Commission for not promoting fairness, quality, value for money and competition and to allow in-house bids (something the unions have been lobbying for for some time)
  • An extra £267,447 to resurface the Dock Links Road bringing the cost of this project to £1.1 million.

So where are Labour going to find £25 million of cuts or is that a mystery to be solved on another evening?

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Author: John Brace

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