Planning Committee – 21/6/2011 – Part 4 – APP/11/ 00065 – Townfield Close, Claughton – Demolition of an existing petrol filling station and erection of Class A1 retail unit

Cllr Foulkes continued that recent developments had changed the site, there was a huge medical centre and parking and vehicle movements had changed significantly. He thought that based on this if a petrol station was applied for for this reason they would probably say no. To him it looked like a Tesco and the modus operandi looked very much like this. On the site visit information had been passed to the traffic department. It appeared to him that the Planning Committee and the applicant on the subject of large vehicles was trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.

The land was in private ownership, therefore the condition was not enforceable. The application would affect parking in Townfield Close, which from photos there were usually thirteen vehicles parked here. Banning parking would negate the extra parking on the site. The restrictions on hours of delivery (which was part of the application in Claughton village) meant that if a delivery was late this condition was not enforceable. A wagon could be in a traffic jam and arrive at school times. The nearby primary school meant that vehicle movement and parking warranted further investigation. This was a valid reason for refusal.

The location of the recognised shopping areas of Prenton and Upton would mean that someone somewhere would think enough is enough and close. Tesco did not source locally and was a national brand, they didn’t contribute to the local economy. The crucial issue was the evidence that Tescos and Sainsburys had a detrimental effect on local shops and the Post Office.

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Author: John Brace

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