Planning Committee – 21/6/2011 – Part 6 – APP/11/ 00065 – Townfield Close, Claughton – Demolition of an existing petrol filling station and erection of Class A1 retail unit

Cheryl Barry replied that the study met national policy and that no evidence suggested an impact on the viability of the Post Office.

Cllr Kenny said he had attended the site visit and mentioned about the yellow lines that would allow delivery lorries. Was there possibly some other arrangement that would allow parking at times there was not a delivery? Could this be clarified? Also he referred to Cllr Foulkes stating that Townfield Close was unadopted. Were such parking restrictions enforceable? The Post Office was on the “late list” and there seemed to be some confusion, the accountants had detailed the cost of keeping it open, he was genuinely concerned that if it went through then the Post Office would be lost.

The Chair thanked him. Cheryl Barry said the evidence and justification by the applicant had been assessed. She couldn’t comment on the private report. The unadopted highway and its subsequent management was part of the planning application.

The Chair asked what hours the road would be used. The Principal Assistant Engineer stated that there would be no parking at all times in Townfield Close, there were no proposed restrictions except at times that would make enforcement of the conditions easier. There was a problem restricting the times as it would cause a difficulty when vehicles deliver as there would be parked vehicles. It would then be difficult to find the owners and that’s why it was at all times.

Cllr Kelly said that his name was on the list of the councillors who had taken it out of delegation.

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