Planning Committee – 25th January 2011 – Part 3 – Item 5 – APP/10/00999 – Melrose 90 Oldfield Road, Heswall – Proposed extension and remodelling of the existing house and associated landscaping works

Cllr Johnson, having previously declared a prejudicial interest in this item, left the room during its consideration.

The committee then moved onto item 5 which was another greenbelt application involving remodelling. The application would lead to an increased height to a two storey flat roof. There had been a late objection from the Heswall Society regarding floodlights. The Chair pointed out this had been made on the site visit. Cllr Elderton asked to the elevation and if it was out of character? He said it was more in keeping although expressed concern regarding overlooking from the balcony. The floodlight was going to be at a low-level for ambience. Although commercial properties required permission for floodlights, residential properties did not.

The answer given by an officer was that the floodlights were not considered to be development, therefore permission wasn’t required. Cllr Mitchell was also concerned about the balcony and stated that the new building was narrower. He said the architect had given a good spiel at the site visit and had used the site visit to promote his business.

It was put to the vote. Cllr Mitchell proposed the application be approved, Cllr Salter seconded the item. 9 councillors voted for, Cllr Hayes and Cllr Keeley voted against. The application was approved.

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Author: John Brace

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