Planning Committee 25th October 2011 Agenda Item 6 APP/11/00909 & APP/11/00977 Part 8

Cllr James Keeley asked about the A4 use and whether this led to too many in a small area on that basis?
Cllr Elderton asked if he meant a proliferation of licensed premises?
Matthew Davies said there had been no changes, no change in local or regional policy. There had been a change in national policy but this wasn’t grounds to refuse the application.
Cllr James Keeley asked as there was no one from environmental health present, could the decision be delayed?
Accepting the application was proposed by Cllr Realey and seconded by Cllr Mitchell.
Nine councillors vote for, with Cllrs Kelly, Keeley and Johnson voting against. The application was approved.

The next application was for a change of use to a chip shop in Liscard (APP/11/00977).

Cllr Elderton said it could be found on pages 73-78 of the agenda. Matthew Rushton said it was a change of use to A5 and planning policy SH1 and SPD3 applied. He referred to separation distances, a section 106 agreement for a litter bin and a restriction on opening times.

Cllr Elderton said there was a petitioner and invited him to speak. David Hale said he spoke for over twenty-five households and had outlined nine points in his email. He said government guidelines issued four years ago stated that applications for a chip shop should not be approved within 400 metres of a school. Within 400 metres of the proposed chip shop were two schools, a secondary school called Oldershaw and a primary school St. Albans. He said there were two residential properties 1 Moseley Avenue and 3 Moseley Avenue which were within 40 metres on the highway route.

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