Planning Committee 25th October 2011 APP/11/00977 Part 9

John Hale (petitioner) said that the flue would be within 11 metres of 3 Moseley Avenue. He said residents do not agree that the character and nature of the Liscard area had changed sufficiently to accept a sixth chip shop. Mr. Hale said there were many hot food takeaways, four kebab shops and a myriad of other hot food takeaways. Going back eleven years, he said there were only seventeen places that hot or cold food could be bought but now there were fifty-eight.

Mr. Hale said the sleep of residents was being affected and the character and nature of the area was being eroded. He pleaded with the Planning Committee not to approve any more. He said the limit had been reached to what residents could put up with and they would remember when it came to voting next May. He mentioned the Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area and how they were a trailblazer in this regard. He said that it would be the only food shop there and would be out of character, he trusted the Committee had read the report and thanked them for listening to him.

Cllr Elderton asked if there was anyone on behalf of the applicant, there wasn’t. Cllr Darren Dodd said he wanted to add weight to what Mr. Hale had said and that there were plenty of hot food takeaways, chippies and kebab shops. He said there were two properties within forty metres and that he had spoken to Mr. Hale and the residents. Cllr Dodd said that residents were bitter because of the late night travelling to the hot food takeaways. He added his weight to the points raised by Mr. Hale.

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Author: John Brace

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