Planning Committee – 4/1/2011 – Part 2 – Retention of Shop Front (Hoylake)

Cllr Gerry Ellis (a councillor for Hoylake and Meols) addressed the committee with regards to item 6.  He was passing on points made to him by 5 or 6 groups & individuals. He had no objection to a dance school and thought it was wonderful that the building was being used in this way as there were lots of empty buildings in Hoylake.

The shop had previously been a Woolworths and before that a furniture shop. The frontage had changed and was now a “hideous” cheap pvc. The owners had changed the whole configuration and the entrance was now on the side road. Previous concerns about noise and parking in relation to the dance school had not been as bad as first thought.

Cllr Ellis asked the developer to make further improvements and pointed out the “horrendous sign” with its green psychedelic colour was out of place. He hoped the sign would be changed and that painting the pvc would help. He would be pleased if there was a new front to the shop. He was disappointed that officers thought pvc was typical of Hoylake as it was not attractive. There was an error in the report as this shopfront was an end terrace not a mid-terrace.

He asked for extra conditions to improve the quality of the materials, which would lead to a more attractive and fitting sign. He wished the dance school well. Photos were passed round of the sign before and after the change.

Shop front

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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