Planning Committee Site Visit 5/9/2011 18 Bidston Road, Claughton Part 2

A resident introduced herself as Jean Whalley and said she lived at the back. She said three houses would be affected by the dormer windows and there was a lot of concern in the local neighbourhood.

The Chair, Cllr Elderton said they would look outside, but it would be decided tomorrow night. The petitioner said she had other concerns but was mainly concerned about the apartments. The Chair said this was not the purpose of the site visit.

An officer said she would have an opportunity tomorrow. He said this was for councillors to see the site and that the people who live here was not a planning issue.

Cllr Davies said that for children brought up here there was no play area and a busy main road. The Chair said these were matters for debate tomorrow when he would have an opportunity to speak. Everyone went outside to the side of the building.

Cllr Mitchell asked if the fire escape would be retained internally. The architect confirmed this. The petitioner asked if the car park would be here, the architect confirmed that some of the spaces would be here. Comment was made about a recent theft of lead from the roof. People then went to the back of the building.

Cllr Davies said the main thing the residents were objecting about were the dormers. He said the house behind looks straight into a bedroom and that he’d been round to see. To alleviate this the windows could be made opaque. It was asked when the building was constructed, the answer given was the mid 1980s.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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