Planning Committee Site Visit 5/9/2011 18 Bidston Road, Claughton Part 3

The architect said there were options such as triangular windows. An officer said it had previously been an old people’s home. The function of these rooms had been bedrooms and a sewing room, the separation distance was 21 metres. The issue of separation distances and the previous function were established facts.

Cllr Davies said the Chair had made his point, however he was still pushing for an alteration that might help. He said it had previously been used for a different type of clientele. The petitioner said there were houses at the back and trees as well as another house. An officer said the separation distances didn’t contravene the guidelines. Cllr Davies said he had been lent the keys and had gone right into the bedroom of the house at the back and he had seen the view. The Chair said they didn’t have time to go to the neighbour’s garden. Cllr Davies asked what the legal separation distance should be. The officer said there were different levels, but there was a greater distance if there was an authorised habitable use. He said it was not ideal regarding the outlook, however as it was an existing building with habitable rooms he saw no reason for refusal. The Chair said this had been brought up in the petition. He said he had seen the impact. He asked if everyone was happy and thanked people for attending the site visit, reminding them that the issue would be decided at tomorrow night’s meeting starting at 6pm.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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