Planning Committee (Wirral Council) (27th June 2013) Site Visits | OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ

A report on Wirral Council’s Planning Committee meeting held on the 27th June 2013 | Site Visits | OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ

This transcript continues from an earlier blog post covering the first three agenda items.

Cllr Steve Foulkes: Sorry Chair, yes Chair, err…the party on the.. simply note those site visits.

Cllr Bernie Mooney (Chair): OK thank you very much, are there any other site visits?

Cllr David Elderton (Conservative spokesperson): So that’s three site visits.

Cllr Bernie Mooney (Chair): That’s three site visits.

Cllr David Elderton (Conservative spokesperson): We’re going to have, thank you very much.

Cllr Bernie Mooney: So anybody’s here, anybody who’s here in the building to listen to errm the Woodend Cottage Cottage, err Marsh Lane that will not be discussed tonight. Hoylake Lawn Tennis Club will not be discussed tonight and Thornton Manor will not be discussed tonight. They are subject to site visits and they will be on the agenda for the next Planning Committee. So, anybody here for them items, then they aren’t being discussed, so errm if you’d like to leave or you’re more than welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting if you want.

Before we do this, could I ask for …., because we move it around errm in proportion for the people who are here to to to listen to the applications, we think that would be…councillor number four now and then people are going to I was going to say number twelve, number thirteen and number eleven, err number ten, so that’s where we’re going. Err, can we have a presentation please for item agenda number four please?

Matthew Davies: Thank you Chair, through you Chair, errm there is a qualifying petition errm through this application. Errm following the outline planning application with all matters reserved, the two dwellings err on the site there through the .. to our end ..running between Hawthorne and Noctorum Avenue. Errm other outline application, a further application will be needed to secure the detail of the development’s layout, appearance, scale and landscaping. The dwelling is indeed and has been utilising the proposed two dormer bungalows parallel parallel to the property fronting on Noctorum Avenue.

In principle this type of development is thwarted by the Unitary Development Plan, in terms of highways and residential amenity, primarily in a residential area such as this. UDP policy HS10, subject to criteria would normally let the backland development on the site, while HS4 sets out the minimum criteria for the new housing development. The key issues that are considered to be that the essential impact on character, impact on dwellings and residential properties in terms of amenity and impact on highway safety.

Continues at Planning Committee (Wirral Council) 27th June 2013 OUT/13/0040 41 Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum, CH43 9RZ.

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