Police and Crime Commissioner 2012 (Merseyside) Elections: Election Statements & Photos | Geoff Gubb | Hilary Jane Jones | Paula Clare Keaveney | Jane Kennedy | Kiron Reid | Paul Duane Rimmer

Police and Crime Commissioner 2012 (Merseyside Police Force Area) Elections: Election Statements & Photos | Geoff Gubb | Hilary Jane Jones | Paula Clare Keaveney | Jane Kennedy | Kiron Reid | Paul Duane Rimmer

Here are photos of the candidates standing in the Merseyside Police Force Area for Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012 and their election statements (in alphabetical order). The source (with a better layout) for the photos and statements is the Choose my PCC website.

Photo and logo (if available) of candidate Election Statement
Geoffrey Gubb
The Conservative Party Candidate

Geoff Gubb

Election statement:

Electing a Police & Crime Commissioner will mean that, for the first time, you will be able to hold one person to account for the policing of Merseyside. This will bring about not only greater transparency to policing, but a means to challenge, as well as support the police, in their job – to cut crime and make Merseyside a safer place in which to live and work.

Among my priorities if I’m elected will be to:

  • Adopt a zero tolerance approach towards drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Support and enhance those voluntary and other organisations working with, and caring for, the victims of all crime.
  • Further develop ways to reduce the number of offenders re-offending.
  • Listen to and act on the views of young people in Merseyside on their expectations and perceptions of Merseyside Police.
  • Support all agencies working with individuals, and families, whose need could, without assistance, result in intervention by the police.

The current economic climate will mean future budget constraints will be a challenge for Merseyside Police but I do believe public money should be spent wisely and effectively in the fight to continue to cut crime. The existing Merseyside Police Authority has succeeded in reducing costs without compromising the fight against crime. As your Police and Crime Commissioner I’d work hard to continue that success.

I’m Liverpool born and bred and live on the Wirral. I am proud of my roots and proud of what Merseyside is and stands for. Together we can make it even better and safer.

Contact Details:

Tel: 07840 274788

Email: geoffreygubb@yahoo.com

Prepared by Simon Eardley on behalf of Geoff Gubb both of Wirral West Conservative Association, 24 Meols Drive, Wirral, CH47 4AN.

hilary best Image

Hilary Jane Jones

Election statement:

I feel that people should vote for me because I have vast experience in life generally, running a business and also in serving the community.

I have lived in Merseyside since I was only a few months old before settling into Bebington, Wirral in 1959. I joined the WRAC in 1974 before joining Merseyside Police in 1977.

I now run my own business with my husband as a funeral director, however between 1992 and 1998 I worked for Wirral Magistrates Courts as a Fines Enforcement Officer.

I have served as an elected Councillor between 1987-1995 and 1996-2006. During this time, I served on a number of committees, became a group chief whip, cabinet member and Mayor of Wirral for 2004/05. In 2007, I was appointed as a Magistrate for the Wirral bench.

As a PCC I would like to concentrate my energies into building a new confidence in the relationship between the Police and the public. This could be achieved by treating so called low level crime with the same importance as other crimes. This would encourage the public to become more actively involved in reporting crimes if they thought they would be given more assistance than just a crime number for insurance purposes.

I believe that this, in turn would have a knock on effect so that people would have more confidence in giving information about drug and gun and gang related crime which is a major concern in Merseyside.

I would strive to make sure that all personnel working for Merseyside Police, and external agencies working with the Police feel valued and that their achievements make Merseyside a better place for us all to live, work and relax in.

Contact Details:

Tel Candidate: 07851023695

Tel Agent: 07971266024

Promoted by Phil Griffiths, Room 301, Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Lancaster on behalf of Hilary Jones.


Keaveney Image
LibDem logo
Liberal Democrats

Paula Clare Keaveney

Election statement:

What I will do:

I am not doing this for the money.  I will donate the difference between what I earn now and what this job pays to charities supporting victims .

Crime is going down.  But people don’t feel that way.   If fear stops you going out, you might as well be under house arrest.  I will work to make our communities not just be safer but feel safer.

People’s views matter.  Less than two per cent replied to the recent police survey.  So how can we be sure we really know what local people think?  I will run a weekly surgery in different parts of our area and get out  to talk to groups across Merseyside. I will go to where people actually are rather than wait for them to come to me.

The police must be as visible as possible.  That means the focus must be on the front line. I will find ways of using the budget so that money goes to front line visibility rather than HQ type buildings.

It is unacceptable that people are victims of hate crime.  I will focus on ways of preventing and dealing with these attacks on people who are vulnerable or different.

Who I am

  • A former leader of the opposition on Liverpool City Council
  • A former local Councillor with a record of getting things done
  • A University Lecturer , I have also been a manager at  some of theUK’s biggest charities.

I live in South Liverpool  and have lived in Southport.  I have worked in Crosby and Liverpool and now work in Ormskirk.

Contact Details:

Tel: 07815 769413/0151 733 2439

Email: paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.paula4merseyside.blogspot.com

Promoted by Paula Keaveney, 75 Canterbury Street, Liverpool, L19 8LQ


Jane Image
ballot logo (labour)
The Labour Party Candidate

Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

Election statement:

This is an important election to decide who will hold the Police to account and decide their priorities. The Police are facing massive cuts to their budget from the Tory/Lib Dem Government. By next April there will be 600 fewer police officers working on Merseyside as a result.

If you vote Labour, Jane will: –

  • Stand up for our communities against the Tory/Lib Dem cuts to policing and the loss of over 600 police officers in Merseyside.
  • Keep police and PCSOs on the beat with neighbourhood policing, not hand it over to private companies.
  • Target gun, gang and violent crime as a top priority.
  • Back a strong and swift response to anti-social behaviour.
  • Forge better co-operation between the police and other agencies who share the responsibility for delivering safer communities.

Jane has vast experience and has both the skills and determination to be a successful Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside:

  • Jane was Britain’s first woman Security Minister with responsibility for Policing in Northern Ireland.
  • Jane was the first woman ever to hold Ministerial office in the Lord Chancellor’s department with responsibility for magistrates, the judiciary and family law policy.
  • Jane has been a Member of Parliament in Merseyside from 1992-2010 and has the experience to fight for local communities in the county.
  • Jane was a Government Minister from 1997-2010 serving in six departments so she is experienced in administration.

Jane is committed to achieving the best for Merseyside Police and the communities they serve.

Merseyside needs a plan to cut crime, not the police and help her to do that by supporting Jane Kennedy on the 15th November.

Contact Details:

Website: www.janekennedy.info

Email: jane4merseypcc@gmail.com


Promoted by Barrie Grunewald on behalf of Jane Kennedy at 108 Prescot Road, Liverpool, L7 0JA


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Kiron Reid

Kiron Reid

Election statement:

I have the experience and expertise to supervise the police in Merseyside as they cut crime, help victims and prevent reoffending.

I am standing as an Independent candidate because the Commissioner’s post should not be party political. I’ve spent 20 years working and campaigning on police matters. As a Law Lecturer at Liverpool University I have an international reputation in the field of policing. I know from serving on Merseyside Police Authority that the current system is insufficiently effective in holding the police to account. I will shake things up.

When I served on the Police Authority it provided a balanced range of views. But with just one person doing the job – it shouldn’t be a party figure. It should be the best candidate. As a Liverpool Councillor (Anfield 1998–2007), never tied to the party line, I helped restore the image of the whole Liverpool City Region. As Commissioner I will be working for local people, not party bosses in London.

I will work with local communities, using the best methods, to:

  • cut crime, targeting violent and hate offences
  • prevent crime
  • prevent young people becoming offenders or victims
  • prevent reoffending
  • help victims.

I will not be sitting in committees, like the politicians, but out meeting people right across the Region. Merseysiders are famed for their independence – if you have an independent mind, vote Independent.

You can read more about my policies and experience on my website. As Commissioner I will be a critical friend of the police. I will stick up for all the people of Merseyside, helping the police show criminals there is nowhere to hide.

On Merseyside, let’s put People first, not Party.

Contact Details:

website: Kiron4Commissioner.com

Prepared by Kiron Reid of 48 Abbeygate Apartments, High Street, Liverpool L15 8HB.


ED logo
English Democrats – “More Police – Catching Criminals!”

Paul Duane Rimmer

Election statement:

I’m Liverpool born and bred. I achieved a 1st at Cambridge University before working in Finance. I was an amateur boxing champion and live with my family in Toxteth. I recently stood in the Liverpool mayoral elections. I am a committed Christian.

I want to be the new police and crime commissioner because I believe it is time for transparency in policingIt is your money the police are spending and it is to you they should be directly answerable. I will make sure the Police respond to your concerns first and foremost. Having spoken to the people of Merseyside I hear your voices loud and clear. You want an accountable police force.  You want protection of person and property; frontline policing as a priority, with more ‘bobbies on the beat’ and fewer behind desks. Burglary and anti-social behaviour will be tackled hard. You want zero tolerance of illegal drugs. You have no time for political correctness. Police will be recruited on merit alone and the St George’s Flag will be flown above police stations at all times.  No minority group will be shown favouritism. I will challenge and tackle political policing, root and branch. You want traditional, no nonsense policing firm, but respecting our liberties and privacy. I will speak for the people of Merseyside not toe a party line.

Hillsborough has shown how important police accountability is, I want lessons to be learnt from that tragedy.  We want justice for all and no hiding place for criminals.

50% of my salary will be given to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

In tough times let us support our Police as we all work together to uphold the highest standards.


Contact Details:

Tel: 0161 766 7731 (regional office)

0207 242 1066 (head office)

Website: www.englishdemocrats.org

Published and prepared by Agent Steve Mcellenborough,23 Gondover avenue, Orrell park

Liverpool,L9 8AY


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Declaration of Interest: The author is an elector in this election.
Declaration of Interest: The author was a student at a university which employs one of the candidates (Kiron Reid).
Declaration of Interest: The author was previously in the same political party as two of the candidates (Kiron Reid and Paula Keaveney).

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