Polling Day

Well polling day has arrived and I have been out to vote. Only took five minutes this year rather than the hours it took last year!

Here’s hoping they actually bother to count the Lib Dem votes this year; but I live in hope that one day things will run smoothly.

As to the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign, sending me out leaflets to deliver, a badge and so on to pick up halfway through polling day just goes to show me:-

a) I thought I was disorganised and left things to the last minute but when you have taxpayer’s money to burn why get value for money?

b) Most people have already voted so they aren’t going to change their minds.

If anyone is interested I can’t say how I voted till after the count (legal restriction).

My wonderful wife (and agent) has decided to take the day off. Oh well… I suppose I’m stuck at home looking after her instead of getting out the Lib Dem voters.

She’s a great agent, but like a lot of agents can suffer at the hands of the nasty people out there who break the laws surrounding elections and are abusive. Hope you get well soon Leonora and you’re up to coming along to the count!

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Author: John Brace

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