Question posed by voter

On the way to the polling station I was stopped by a voter and asked about this story in the Wirral Globe. Unfortunately he wouldn’t give me his name or address so I will just have to hope he reads this!

I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you straight away, however having no read the article I will make the following comments in relation to your questions.

As discussed as a male, 72-year old you are not likely to be in need of a midwife. However to address your points about the Wirral Primary Care Trust. It is democratically accountable to the public through its board and elected governors who are elected by the public.

GP consortia are accountable to the public through patient bodies too.

On a more personal note, as my wife and I have had a stillborn son in the past I value the role that midwives have with pregnant women and mothers. There are extremely high stillborn rates in the UK and obstetrics and gynaecology are services that are in need of reform if patients are to receive excellent care and treatment.

I am sorry if I did fob you off with telling you I am busy on polling day, but naturally because of the past bringing up such issues can upset my wife.

You asked me about charges to pregnant mothers. As far as I know there are none and none planned. Any service provided will (as most of the NHS is) be provided free.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention as pregnancy and childbirth are often things that receive little political attention in this country and should have a higher profile. Perhaps it is partly a sad reflection on our rather male-dominated political system?

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Author: John Brace

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